5 business videos you can easily make yourself

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DIY business videos really are simple.

It doesn’t take a year’s marketing budget or a production company to create video content to engage your customers.

Creating business videos yourself is easy thanks to technology and digital platforms,   Small teams, smartphones and ideas mean you really can DIY video.

Here are some ideas to kick start your video production:

Piece to camera videos for business

Using your smart phone or web cam puts business video production firmly in your control. Think about what you’re going to say, make sure there’s no food between your teeth and press record; it really is that simple.


Record simple messages to send to prospects in an email, create a video introduction about yourself as an email footer or give “tips” videos to sit on Linked In.

The more you do, the more confident and relaxed you’ll get. Build recording messages into your daily to-do list and before you know you’ll build a video library on budget.

Go Live

Another hassle-free video-making option, is to record live videos for your business social feeds. Whatever value you can offer your audience do it!

If you’re at a trade show or event, let the world see your stand. Or how about recording a presentation by one of your team? If you’re with a customer, record a quick interview.

The benefit of live video is that… it’s live; there’s no re-doing it again and again until you’re confident it’s perfect. Audience are happy to trade quality for authenticity. And be sure to tag event organisers for additional reach.

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Business video montage

A montage is an editing technique whereby a series of short shots are edited together to condense space, time and information, often set to music. It’s an easy way to create a buzz video about an event, featuring people, faces, activities and sponsors.

If you have basic shooting and editing skills creating a montage is a highly visual and easy way to tell the story of an event from start to finish. Use interesting visuals, plenty of happy faces and waving people, product and logos and combine to a pumping music track and you’ll have a video that you can use long after everyone’s gone home.

Check out some examples of event videos in our portfolio

Promo videos about your business

If you have shooting and editing skills – or are prepared to put in a bit of time and effort to learn – then making short promotional videos for your website or social channels is any easy start to video making. Feature your product, highlight your staff or premises, announce a new deal or initiative, send a seasonal shout out; whatever content that you think will get your potential customers attention.

Film footage yourself, use stills or even access free resources on line. And whatever your device, there are plenty of simple and free digital editing tools to make this possible. And of course plenty of on-line training to help you along the way.


If you don’t have those technical skills or the time, use a promotional video-making app. Promo, Powtoon, Animoto and Magisto are just a few that enable to select footage, music, sound effects and text and combine into a professional looking video with your brand messaging and logo.

Make business-related how-to videos

Nothing says “we’re experts” more than a video that delivers your customers educational content. It doesn’t have to be a highly produced – and highly expensive – option – value is key.

See examples of how-to videos in our portfolio

If your team have information or learning to import, stick them in front of a whiteboard and record them delivering their insights. Does your CEO have a message to give to all your staff? Save your sales or customer service team giving the same information again and again and record a video instead.

Want more help with easily making business videos yourself?

We wrote an article with 5 tips to better smart phone video

We have a free cheatsheet for video makers over in our free resources.

We can also sort you out with some awesome training to help you be a better videographer.

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