5 simple steps to creating one-to-one video in email

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Video email – can you create one-to-one vids in email?

Personalisation is one of the biggest buzzwords in sales and marketing but until recently has been a pretty challenging workaround for emails.  VIdeo was too big to attach, many email servers couldnt cope with file sizes and you never knew whether they reached the intended recipient.

But it’s easier than ever.

And creating bespoke video messages for individual prospects and customers is a a good strategy for your video marketing.

So here’s what you need to know get your one-to-one email video messaging up and running.


What is one to one video email?

One to one communications make folk feel valued, is far more personal and means they’re more likely to engage with you and your business.

We’ve been doing it for many. years with video calls, texts and plain text emails.

But combining the two- video in emails – is an awesome tool.

Mentioning the word video in an email subject line generates five times higher click rates and eight times higher response rates when video is within the body of an email.

Technology enables you to go a step further, and send bespoke video to each and everyone person you reach out to via email. Nothing fancy –simple ‘to camera’ smart phone records – videos that talk direct to one prospect, customer or client and are quick to make, easy to watch, communicate information efficiently and are largely disposable.

What platform do you use for your video emails?

Actually uploading videos to your email is a no no.  It just doesn’t work for many email providers, particularly Outlook and Gmail.

But who doesn’t love an easy work around?

Insert an image in your email and link it to a landing page where the video is embedded.

Whether that’s on your website or on a third party hosting site such as You Tube or Vimeo, by clicking on an eye catching image within an email, a recipient can be viewing their own bespoke video in a matter of seconds.*

How do you make your videos?

Save the high production values, expensive gear and sound-proof studio for marketing brand videos, personalisation is all about  disposable, one-off content.

Making email video has to be quick and easy otherwise it won’t happen.

Set up your workspace or desk in a way that means you when you need to create a video, you’re already set and ready to go.

If you’re using a webcam or smart phone, keep a microphone and headphones to hand: there’s no point in creating video if the recipient can’t hear what you’re saying. Unless of course your video is purely visual.

And to guarantee a steady image when videoing on your smart phone, a tripod – even a cheapie – is non negotiable.

Work flow

Your first video may take you time to get right. Working out your tech, what you’re going to say and how to put your video link in your email. Go with it and practice ‘til you are happy with your process.

Upload direct from your phone or if you’ve got the skills edit it and add a logo and contact details.

Whatever your process is, once you’ve nailed it establish a work flow that makes it easy to record and publish your videos as quickly and efficiently as possible. That way it will happen more often.

Keep a step-by-step list somewhere handy, set up a vimeo or you tube account, create thumbnail templates that can easily be personalized – whatever it is that makes it hassle-free as possible.


When it comes to the creative side, the fun stuff you’re only limited by your imagination.

Keep it as straight-laced or as crazy as you and the recipient can take, but remember you’re the customer-facing part of your business so do what’s appropriate for your business.

Neither should you get carried away with the creative or the video too complicated or the time-suck won’t be worth the effort.

· Use a whiteboard to add their name for openers or thumbnails

· Position their website or Linked In profile behind you.

· Use props that relate to your prospect.

· Do a walk-through your office to show off the team or environment.

· Get a bunch of colleagues to cheer to camera.

· Do an on screen demo of your product or website walk-through.

Purpose & Intent

Just like any piece of marketing content you produce, when it comes to making personalised email videos you need to be clear about your purpose and intent.

Whether you’re trying to book in a meeting or call, schedule a demonstration, share insights or drive registrations or sign up, tell your recipients why you are contacting them and let them know what you want to do.

Whatever your intention, communicating this information and also letting them know you understand them and their problems, all done succinctly and in an entertaining way, is far more likely to generate the response you want.


Send us an email with our personal email video and we bet it will make us call you back smart quick.


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Since writing this article there’s been a plethora of video email apps to help make the process even simpler and effortless.  Bonjoro and BombBomb are two of our faves.  We still think it’s just as fun and effective (and free) to do it yourself!


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