Company Video

 A company video captures what’s unique and valuable about your organisation to build trust from potential customers so they engage your services.

$3,500 & GST  
  • 90-120” video
  • BONUS 20″ social media cutdown
  • Video Concept & Management
  • 6 hour shoot including principal and client interviews
  • Licensed music and animated logo
  • 12 hours of editing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 5 day turnaround
Amire Testimnial Video
Brand Shoot

Why do I need a Brand Video?

Maybe your customers find it hard to really get what it is you do?  Perhaps you need to clearly articulate what it is that sets your organisation above the rest?  Or do you have a  compelling or unique founder story?

However you want your business to be known, then video is a compelling way to communicate just that.

With the plethora of choice available for us all when it comes to buying goods and services, more than ever potential customers want to connect with a brand they buy from.  Video is a highly effective way to deliver that connection and demonstrate that you really are the best choice for them.

A professional Company Video enables you to clearly communicate your values, your people and what sets you apart from your competitors.   It showcases your team, opens the door to your premises and introduces your existing customers.  It makes you relatable and delivers strong emotional connection.

By opening a window into how you work and the successes you’ve achieved for your clients, new customers are more likely to not only develop trust in you, but are more likely to engage your services or buy your products.

Best of all, video works when your sales team are not there: in the evenings, over the weekends or when your phone is switched off.  A video is succinct and professional every time.

Embedding a video on your landing page enables potential customers to get to know, like and trust you long before they’ve actually spoken to anyone in your organisation.  Video on your Landing page improves leads and drives conversions.

It’s worth every dollar invested.

The process

Complete our brief template and we’ll be in touch to talk video and how we can make it happen.

From there, our team will create a concept and a draft shooting script to deliver your business purpose.

Once the script is approved, we’ll collaborate with you to lock in a shoot date and all the logistics that go with making sure it’s as productive as possible:  from a shooting schedule, a contributor list, a plan of shots needed and all the briefing documents and call sheets to ensure everyone is on the same page.

On the shoot day itself our cinematographer and producer manage the shoot entirely, ensuring all contributors are relaxed and deliver the best performance possible and the visual, technical and audio side of everything is of an exceptional standard.

We’ll need coffee!

In post production, our editing team select the best footage, identify an appropriate  music track and use their experience to mesh it together in a timeline according to the approved script.  Their experience delivers subtle nuances to timing, shot selection, framing, effects and colour and sound tuning to deliver a video that exceeds your expectations.

Once a draft is approved by yourselves the team will finalise the video, competing a full colour grade and audio mix to sure your final video is perfect for its debut.

Add-ons available

Drone Footage:                                             $150

Additional production rate:                       from $200 p/hour

Captions / Subtitles:                                    $60 / minute 


Itchy Feet Digital were absolutely fabulous! From the start to finish both Amy and Andy worked with me to create my business story I wanted told. Feedback has been wonderful, I highly recommend them..

Stephanie Grey
Greycliffe Property

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