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Production office in Sydney, Australia


Video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to build your business.  But you need to give your video the best chance at success.



If your video starts with the creative, then you’re taking the wrong approach.  You need to clearly define what you want it to achieve – or the business purpose. Is it about raising awareness, improving customer satisfaction, building referrals, or generating leads?   


If the video doesn’t match what’s in your marketing plan, go back to the drawing board.


Setting a goal enables you to define what action you want your audience to take after they’ve watched it.  It also gives you a benchmark to measure the success of a campaign  - your Google ranking, website traffic, social engagement or click through rates in emails.


Customers over the hard sell and digital noise of marketers, when it comes to content, they want to know what’s in for them & how you can help fix their problems. Failing to recognize this will mean a video that’s irrelevant and a waste of time and money.


Firstly figure out who your target audience are, then identify their pain point and finally create video that gives solutions to their problems. 


This audience-first approach inadvertently positions you as a brand that can help.


Relying on a single video no longer cuts it.   


To engage with customers at as many of the touch points they have with your business as possible, means a suite of video content with different purposes, messages and on different platforms.


You’ll need video for your website, on you tube, for social and to embed within emails.  Videos that inspire, videos that train, videos that help and videos that sell.


And be consistent by committing to regular video production.  Some videos will be evergreen some will be topical, but find a realistic schedule that works for your business and mix it up across different platforms.


So remember


Identify your audience, be consistent and identify the business purpose and you’re ready to tackle the fun part – the creative.

"The Itchy Feet Digital crew are the complete package and are our go to for digital media services.  The series of succinct and engaging videos they produced for us have without a doubt been instrumental in connecting with our target audience, winning awards and raised the profile of our organisation.


Their friendly, flexible and personalised approach to developing and creating content immediately puts everyone at ease and provides the support and guidance needed for the uninitiated in this process. They're a fun bunch to work with but their high level of experience, efficiency and professionalism is evident in everything they do, giving us the confidence to call on them to capture spur of the moment events as well as develop planned projects."



Learn more about how a video strategy can help your sales and marketing goals.

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