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Professional editors transform your raw material into a video that sparkles and delights your audience.

from $725 & GST  
  • 90-120” video
  • Up to 10 minutes of shot footage
  • Video Concept & Management 
  • Licensed music & animated logo
  • 5 hours of editing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 2-4 day turnaround
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Why do you need professional editing?

Editing or post production is the process by which your footage is blended with sound to transform it into an emotional, relatable and entertaining video that connects with an audience.   

Whether your footage is shot professionally or not, it can be incredibly time consuming and why it’s a skill that takes many hours to hone. Using the skills and experience of a professional editor will save you time and money.

Handing over raw footage to an editor, is like a brand new set of eyes on your video project.   

Through nuanced decisions and manipulation on timing, transitions, frame size, speed and movement of shots, an experienced editor will make your video flow.  Subtle changes to the flow, increase the emotional impact of your video and deliver stranger connection with viewers.

And where footage is shot by non professionals, professional sound design and mixing, plus colour adjustments to footage, ensures the final video is of a professional quality.

There’s a cheeky saying in television and film production that goes “We’ll fix it in post”:  in today’s era of DIY video making, this has never been truer.

The process

Our project kicks off with a digital production meeting to discuss your project and its’ purpose.  If timing allows we can review your concept and recommend shots, sequences and interview questions to capture when you film.

Once your footage is delivered, our editors will take your storyboard, brief or shooting script and review your shot footage frame by frame, to identify the best shots for purpose.

Through natural sound, narrative, sound effects and music they will decide the pacing of your video, and how all the shots work together to create a unified whole.

Using a great attention to detail, they’ll add transitions, adjust frame size, duration and speed of shots, manipulate movement and add graphics and motion text.

Once a draft is approved by yourselves the team will finalise the video, competing a full colour grade and audio mix to sure your final video is ready for release to its’a audience.

Add-ons available

Additional post production rate:               $150 p/hour

Captions / Subtitles:                                    $60 / minute 


I like working with these guys. It’s easy. They know their stuff, are super flexible and do what’s required, plus some, to meet our objectives. Never failed me. Always willing to help. Very reasonably priced..

Brad Atwal
World Expeditions

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