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Free resources for business owners and marketers who want to super charge their video marketing.

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Amy Zoom

The Smartphone Video Cheatsheet

Smart phones are the go-to video-production-unit-in-your-pocket.

But are you getting the best out of its’ capabilities to to best tell your story?

The Smartphone Video Cheatsheet is jam-packed with thirty pro tips to make your video production a breeze.

If you want to do it yourself, don’t do with this handy resource.

Essential Video Marketing Checklist

Video marketing can be hard to get going.  Where to start, how to manage filming, where to put it?

Check off the essential steps to planning, preparing and producing video, with this Checklist.

Move from “thinking about video” to creating, publishing and having success with your video marketing.

Video for reach, revenue and return

Video grabs attention, communicates your message easily and builds connection with your audience.

But knowing you should be doing video to actually making it happen can be overwhelming.  It’s often easier to do nothing.

In this video learning session discover how to use video or your business and what videos you should be making now.