How we work

We work with business owners and marketing folk to create communication solutions for business through video strategy, production and training that sits side by side with your marketing.

Here’s a broad outline of how we work with our clients, large and small.

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Step 1:  Setting the scope

We generally charge a fixed fee for each video project, but to do this we need a scope of work to kick start it.

We do this in two ways:

  1. A conversation followed up by an email from us or
  2. Completion (by you) of our briefing document

The kind of things we need to know to firm up the scope and project price include:

Your business – including products / services, customers and purpose;

Where your video will be published;

What you want the video to do for your business;

Any people or locations you want to use;

Do you have any existing content or assets that we can use?

Deadlines for delivery

For a Video Strategy we’ll focus more the marketing side including your resourcing and goals, competitors and ideas.  For Video Production or Post Production we’ll talk about the specific project and logistics and for Training we’ll talk about your team, skill sets and specific areas of focus.

The clearer we can be about your situation and goals, the more we can make our proposal as accurate as possible.

We prefer to do this over the phone or by email, but if you’d rather meet in person, then  we’ll work out our next available meeting time.

Step 2: Proposal

Depending on the size of the project we’ll send you a quotation or proposal outlining the details of the job with comprehensive pricing breakdown.

We’ll set out all elements of our quote, so that you can pick and choose elements.

Step 3: 25% deposit up front

On commission, if we’ve not worked together we may ask you for an up-front deposit of 25% of the quote.  Work will not commence until this has been paid.

For projects over $5000 we’re also happy to offer a payment plan.

Step 4: Timings

Our production schedule is booked up many weeks in advance, so the more notice you can give about your project the more likely we are to be able to meet your deadlines.

Of course life happens and where we can, we’ll do our best to help on fast-turnaround projects.  Just pick up the phone!

Once we commit to a project schedule we will stick to the deliverables and dates, not withstanding extreme weather conditions (when shooting outside) and global pandemics.

Step 5: Briefing

The briefing stage is all about the nitty gritty of your video – when we will shoot it, who will be involved, dates, schedule and scripting.

Once we have a signed proposal or quote, your 25% deposit and any background material or assets we can get the wheels rolling on your video project.

Depending on your brief there are several aspects to getting your video project successfully completed.  For more details, we set out our production process over on our Video Services Page. 

Step 6: Down to work

Depending on your brief there are several aspects to getting your video project successfully completed.  For more details, we set out our production process over on our Video Services Page. 

We’ll kick start the scripting process ensuring your are involved in agreeing the final shooting script.  This may involve a word-for-word narrative (presenter to camera or voice over) or a rough narrative structure based on interview questions to be gathered on location.  Regardless of the intention, we prefer to prepare a shooting script to inform the shots and audio needed on shooting and make sure everyone is on the same page.

From there we will organise the shoot, booking crew and cast, location and preparing camera equipment and any legal permissions necessary.

Step 7: Post production

This is the exciting part of the process pulling all the elements together.  For more details on how this works head here.

After shooting has completed we will email you to confirm when the first cut of your video will be delivered. 

We prefer to deliver a Vimeo link for you to watch and review but if your organisation does not allow you access to this we can send a downloadable link for you to view on your device.

Reviewing the video – including vision, narrative, text and transcriptions is important to make sure they are accurate and meet the brief. The more effort we both put in the better the end product will be.

We will make a many changes as you wish until you are happy before delivering the final video to you.

Step 8: Final payment

When the job is complete we’ll invoice you the final amount. Our payment terms are fourteen days.

Step 9: Happiness

At the end of the project we should all be happy little vegemites.

We ask all our clients for testimonials to feature on our Google My Business page and  our website, as there’s nothing like a good recommendation to help our business continue to grow.

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