Post Production

Editing services to transform your video footage into professional looking video

Post production or editing is the part of the video production process that brings all the elements of your project together to create the video that you want.

Because of all the different elements of the process, it’s also one of the most time-consuming elements of video making.

And it’s why many organisations choose to outsource this part of the process.

Looking to outsource your editing?

What is Post Production?

Whether you choose to edit your video within your organisation, outsource to a freelance editor or through a production company, following a systemised process ensures your project will not fall over.


Ensuring that raw footage or rushes that you’ve spent hours or days shooting, is safely secured and backed-up is key to successful video post production. It also requires a considerable amount of hardware as video is a hungry beast and takes up a lot of gigabytes of data.   Most editors use a hard drive or a RAID system.  The latter is a common way of reliably storing a large volume of video footage with data shared across multiple drives, so in the event of drive failure your footage should be protected.


An experienced editor will most likely be utilising one of the professional video editing softwares – commonly Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro or Avid.  These softwares enable advanced picture, sound, colour and effect manipulation and can handle multiple video formats and codecs.

Rough Cut

Once all your assets, video, music, stills and graphics are imported into your software, your editor will begin assembling a rough cut.  Based on your shooting script (or ideally a post produciotn script prepared after a shoot) he or she will lay down the primary narrative – interviews, pieces to camera and natural sound elements – by selecting the best takes.  Once that is in a good order the  best sequence of shots to further enhance the story will be added to the timeline.

Motion, graphics and titles

Dependent on your video script, there may be a need for motion graphics, animations or title straps to identify contributors.  These can be done by your editor or outsourced further to an animator.  Often a software called After Effects is used.   Similarly an end logo or call to action is added at the end of the video.

Colour correction

Colour correction is the part of the video process that is often overlooked due to inexperience or lack of time, but is essential in creating the best quality video possible.  Colour correction or grade is the process of altering the colour of each shot using digital filters so each shot matches each other.  These corrections include fixing exposure problem balance too much or too little light and colour temperature or white balance issues, where the colour of the light is inconsistent.

Sound Mix

With pictures finalised, your editor will start to finalise the audio elements of your video.  This includes dialogue and voice over, sound effects and professionally licensed music.  If your voice over hasn’t been recorded on location, you may need to get this recorded in a sound booth.

It was a great pleasure to work with the team at Itchy Feet Digital in re-purposing our video footage.  Andy and Amy were a pleasure to work with and got work back quickly and accurately.  I highly recommend this company, they do a great job and are eager to help.  Thanks you.

Tess Fowler
The Healthy Mummy  

IFD has helped us produce some great content from our footage to achieve various business goals across our social platforms and on our website.  They take the time to ensure our brief is always executed accurately, our footage graded and treated and projects are always done in a timely manner and are very affordable. 

Brad Atwal
World Expeditions  

We can manage the entire video production process for you.

From ideation and implementation, through to filming, editing and promotion of your finished video, our video experts are ready to help.