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Production office in Sydney, Australia

Take the stress and hassle out of video presenting with a fast and professional done-for-you filming experience.

Putting yourself on camera to talk about your business or industry can be daunting.  

What do I say?  What if I stuff up? Maybe people won't like me. Will it ruin my reputation?

Yet video is an effective way to humanise your business and connect with customers.

And who has the time, skills and confidence to make it happen?

Imagine a scenario where someone:

  • Helps you nut out your message in a way that is authentic and relatable to your audience; 

  • Tells you what to wear and how to do your "do" for the camera; 

  • Chooses a location that is professional and camera-ready;

  • Manages the techy stuff (camera, lights and microphones) so you don't have to think about it;

  • Helps you relax and deliver a performance you won't be mortified to watch back;

  • Transforms a bazillion takes into one polished, professional video;

  • Edits a professional video for your website, social channels or EDM to use immediately;

  • Sets a blue print for you to be able to confidently repeat again with your smart phone;

  • Turns a daunting experience into one which is actually enjoyable (and which you might even post on Insta about);

Welcome to SHOOT ME NOW, the done-for-you solution to beat video jitters.

An all-in-one package giving you scripting, filming and editing support to make your video a reality.


Andy is patient and encouraging - a really amazing director.


"Video is really important to reach people in a personable and effective  way and to launch my on-line course, I knew I had to master being in front of the camera.  With no experience with video I was nervous, but felt in safe hands.   Ultimately I had a great time in the studio and felt really supported and comfortable putting together my first professional video.   Andy is really amazing director; he was patient, encouraging and made me think about what I was saying and the best way to deliver my lines.  He gave me the confidence to be relaxed on camera and take home a video I'm proud to share.  I will most definitely be doing more video."

Catherine Sherlock

Founder, Yoga from the Inside


I highly recommend the double A Team from Itchy Feet Digital

Amy & Andy are the most patient people I know and never gave up their quest to provide me with a with professional video that made me look good for 2 minutes on screen. They succeeded in making an absolute novice in front of the camera look professional using their eye for detail and knowledge of what works on screen.


Their script was interesting and easy for video viewers to understand and absorb. Massive kudos for de-stressing and reassuring me when I constantly fluffed/forgot my lines during the shoot and for going the extra mile with a couple of extra takes to make sure they got the best version of me they could for editing. I highly recommend the double A Team from Itchy Feet Digital if you need a great video to wow your customers .....and it will even impress your friends.

Warren Hardman

Xpert Office Furniture 

What is included in a Shoot Me Now session* : 
  • Professional scripting template;
  • Examples of scripts and videos to inspire your video creation and scripting;
  • Access to a library of video examples of different types of videos you can create;
  • 1 hour phone consultation for scripting, preparation and practice; 
  • 1 hour video shoot in studio or office location with director / videographer and autocue;
  • Professional edit of your presentation with graphics and end logo;
  • Completed to-camera video of up to two minutes.
*Should you wish, at an extra editing cost we can incorporate your own stills or video footage
or stock footage into your final video.
Next recording session is on:
Wednesday April 8th 2020
Brookvale, Sydney Northern Beaches, NSW 2092
Investment: $1000 & GST