Shoot Me Now

The fast and affordable video solution that helps you showcase the remarkable things your business does

Are you video curious but would rather get your teeth pulled out than stand up and talk in front of the camera?

Maybe you’re ready to do video marketing, but indecision, lack of confidence and dud tech skills are stopping you?

Or perhaps you have an evangelical customer keen to share a fantastic rap about your business with the outside world?

What’s the fuss about video?

Video is a surefire, super awesome and highly effective way to be discovered by new customers and build your business. 

Chuck in a global pandemic, an ever-increasing comfort around digital communication and affordable technology and there’s never been a better time to use video for your business marketing.

Video is amazing for business because it’s

     a powerful tool to generate leads and sales;

     an attention-grabbing way to build social engagement;

     an effective traffic-driving tool for your website;

     a no-brainer way to get folk to open your emails;

     loved by Google so helps your SEO ranking.

Customers love video because it’s

     quick and easy to watch, understand and retain           

              information compared to text and pictures;

     a way to gauge the character and personality of a business;

    an effective research tool for products and services;

    about hooman, so is relatable and real.

I recently did a Shoot Me Now session with Itchy Feet and they were amazing.  I was a big ball of mess sitting outside in the car and and when I got inside they calmly and patiently talked me through every step.   They made me feel really comfortable, confident and I nailed it!   I started writing what I thought was  script but when Amy took it on it came back as a proper script that clearly and punchily said what I need to say.
The end result was professional video that really communicated what I needed to say: it was and just what I wanted.  I cannot recommend the guys at Itchy Feet Digital highly enough.

        Brent Mannell – Chaotic Clothing

Video:  it’s not as easy as it looks.

Those classy backdrops and wrinkle-free faces, cleverly crafted words and emotional pauses in the videos that clog up your feed and inbox, are not the results of a quick iPhone selfie in the office kitchen.

So don’t go thinking a hastily thrown-together minute of wobbly footage and god-awful sound quality, will help the business reputation you’ve taken years to build.

We’re increasingly fed a diet of pro-looking videos with killer content that entices us to stop and listen.  And if your business wants to compete for eyeballs, you’ll need to do the same; if not better. 

Why leave your video to chance?

The next Shoot Me Now session will be held in Brookvale

on Tuesday 1st June 2021


with an awesome looking, perfect-sounding and well-written video that actually gets people to notice you, listen to what you have to say about your business and sends interest and revenue your way.

Great video was once only for big companies with deep pockets.  Digital platforms and video technology means you can produce video as good as any of big guys; at a fraction of the price.

Avoid the stress, shame and time-suck that badly made video can cause. Hand over the nuts and bolts to experienced video folk to manage the process while you concentrate on looking fab.

SHOOT ME NOW is a done-for you video affordable production package that takes the worry and hassle out of making a business video.  Shot  by experts in our Sydney studio.

Shoot Me Now creates a video for you to promote your business that is easy, affordable and a fun experience.

    A video consult session to help get your video project underway;

    A professionally scripted video that perfectly and succinctly nails your key messages and communicates your unique offering;

    Wardrobe, hair and make up advice;

    On camera and autocue training with an experienced video director;

    A real studio setting with lights, camera and sound gear that normally happens with telly shows;

    Whizz bang editing to craft your gazillion takes, ums, ahs and stumbles (don’t worry everyone’s the same) into a highly crafter mistake-free video                 that will look and sound professional;

    As much tea and coffee as you can muster, and maybe if you’re lucky a biscuit of two;

    A sense of achievement and satisfaction for a finished video that you‘ll be absolutely keen as mustard to share with your networks.


And if you don’t believe us – see what these folk have to say about SHOOT ME NOW

I recommend Amy and Andy for their professionalism and efficiency. Great team work – from script writing, through to directing and shooting and editing.  When it comes to video they really know what they are doing. 

Georgie Orchard
Your Ultimate Cancer Coach

Video is vital in my business for clients to see who I am, what I do and how I communicate. The depth of knowledge and understanding, the process, how they mentored me to deliver in front of the cameraand the final result was awesome.  If you are thinking of doing this, sign up early because it is a must for any business. was amazing; they made it fun for everyone involved while achieving a great result for us.

Beverley Exley
Be Vibrantly Healthy

Andy’s a master at putting amateurs like me at ease during filming and has incredible patience and perseverance to get the shoot just right.  Amy is a maSter at writing great scripts to clearly promote your business and make you sound fabulous on camera.  The double “A’ team compliment each other perfectly to produce great videos. was amazing; they made it fun for everyone involved while achieving a great result for us.

Warren Hardman
Xpert Office Furniture

These guys are great to work with, are really knowledgeable and have great instincts.  They can help you with the entire production of a video and highly recommend you get in quick or you will miss out.  

Ed Jeffers                                                                                                  Edge Consulting 

What types of business will benefit from Shoot Me Now?

Whether you’re a service based or product based business, Shoot Me Now will work for you.  This is because regardless of what you do, your business is created and run by people.  And video is a way to showcase your people to other people.

As individuals we connect with people, we make friends with people, we follow people on social and of course we do business with people.

So putting yourself or your people on a video, enables customers to connect, to see and to get who you are, what you’re about and what makes you tick.

Check out all the people who have been on our videos to promote their business.
Amy-Bingham-Andy-Newlyn Web-min
Andy Square

We’re the Double A team 

With careers spanning many decades across TV, video and corporate communications, Amy and Andy come with runs on the board. What this means for you is access to a professional level of big agency expertise without fancy offices and hipster vibes (not that we don’t like hipsters but…)

Our approach to video creation is collaborative and personal. We’ll work with you to achieve the outcomes you need and be there for every word, picture and frame produced. And we won’t complicate the process with jargon, egos or needless time and cost.

We’ve built a reputation as one of Sydney’s friendliest video production companies.  And with a unique offering of skills and experiences, you can count on us to tackle your video project in a fuss-free, efficient and creative way.

Why Double A?  We have different but complimentary skills and roles in our shoots.

I’m Amy, the Producer.  I’ll be your main point of contact, organising the shoot, helping write your script, organising your shoot session and delivering the final video to your inbox. 
In between all this Andy is Director, Camera Guy and Editor, crafting the best possible performance from you, making you look and sound awesome and then colour correcting, sound fiddling and editing the footage into a video that will make you proud.

Together we’re Itchy Feet Digital.  And since we got together in business in 2017, we’ve been lucky enough to work with a bunch of awesome clients across a huge variety of businesses, messages and videos produced.  Which all means more smarts to help YOU in your video.

How it works – the nuts and bolts

Once you have registered, your filming date and time for your Shoot Me Now session will be confirmed.
The day before your Shoot Me Now session you will receive an email confirming all relevant details of the shoot;
You will be asked to complete our video brief template and book 45 minute zoom consultation time with Amy.
Please arrive at the shoot at least 15 minutes before your allotted time and wait outside until we bring you into the studio 
Your consultation will be an opportunity to discuss your video, its’ purpose and what to expect on the shoot day.
After your studio session, we’ll send a draft of your video for feedback.  We’re happy to make a round of revisions for you before finalising your video.
A draft script will be sent to you.  Any adjustments must be finalised at least 24 hours before your studio shoot.
We will send you a digital download link of your final video enabling you to publish direct to your chosen platforms.   

See the results

Get in touch to find out when the next Shoot Me Now session will be held.

Shoot Me Now options

To camera video of you or one of your team

like Leelee did

Testimonial Video with one of your clients (two camera shoot)

like Pete did

To camera video of you or a client PLUS footage captured on location.

like Sean did


Simple to-camera video

Testimonial Video

Brand video

$975 + GST

$1225 + GST

$1725 + GST


A video that captures your ‘story’ direct to camera with best takes edited together and with different frame sizes, set to music and up to 2’30 minutes long.

  • Dedicated Video Producer
  • Zoom Consult
  • Professionally written script
  • Professional studio setting
  • Videographer and Director on set
  • Editing of video
  • Simple animation of logo and end call to action in your corporate font
  • Professionally recorded licensed (eg legal) music track
  • One round of revisions of video
  • Downloadable link to your final video


A video that captures your customer ‘story’, delivered as natural answers, shot on two cameras with best takes edited together, set to music and up to 2’30 minutes long.

  • Dedicated Video Producer
  • Zoom Consult
  • Telephone research with your client
  • Professionally written shooting script
  • Professional studio setting
  • Videographer and Director on set
  • Two camera set up in studio
  • Editing of video
  • Simple animation of logo and end call to action in your corporate font
  • Professionally recorded licensed (eg legal) music track
  • One round of revisions of video
  • Downloadable link to your final video


A video that captures yours / your customer ‘story’, with best takes edited together with footage shot on yours / your customers premises, set to music and up to 2’30 minutes.

  • Dedicated Video Producer
  • Video Consult session
  • Telephone research with your client
  • Professionally Written script based on answers from your clients
  • Professional studio setting for to camera element
  • Videographer and Director on set
  • Up to 3 hours on location (premies) to capture footage to use as cutaways for your video
  • Editing of video
  • Simple animation of logo and end call to action in your corporate font
  • Professionally recorded licensed (eg legal) music track
  • One round of revision to video
  • Downloadable link to your final video

Congratulations you’ve got to the bottom of the page!  And as a reward for your effort please feel free to watch this short outtakes video that hopefully shows the fun and learnings that every participant gets from their Shoot Me Now Experience.

And remember please feel free to reach out to our video experts if you have any questions.