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Production office in Sydney, Australia


As marketers and business owners it’s time to face the stats .

Social video gets shared 1200% more than text and images combined. Wordstream

Social media posts with video have 48% more views. HubSpot


Make a real difference to your business by creating good quality video with

measurable purpose that gets engagement and results!


It’s no longer good enough to be on social networks, you need to stand out and connect. 

And the best way to do that is through video and Smartphone Video Bootcamp.


It’s no secret that social media video is one of the most effective way to build your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.  And once on your website, it’s video that keeps visitors exploring your brand and embarking on a journey to purchase. 


The power of social media video for your business growth potential is HUGE.

You know video boosts your chance of generating leads and boosting sales, you know video helps connect with strangers online, but it’s easier said than done to actually do it.  "It costs too much, it takes time and effort and I'm not sure what to do" are comments we regularly hear in our video production business.  You're not alone in letting video slip further and further down your to-do list. Until now.

Smartphone Video is an intense, highly practical and professionally-produced workshop that will give you the tools, skills and confidence to implement video in your business communication and grow your online profile…using the phone in your pocket.


For business owners, marketers & communicators who want to build rapport and trust with their contacts via social media video.

Are you:


  • After something “extra” to give your socials the edge?

  • Watching as everyone’s doing video and know it’s your turn?

  • Full of ideas but technically you’re a bit of a dud?

  • Struggling with confidence to put yourself on camera?

  • Worried your own DIY videos will let your brand down?

  • Time poor and just want someone to show you how?

  • The owner of a smart phone?

Smartphone Video Bootcamp gives you


  • Technical know-how to use your phone as an all-in-one video production tool;

  • Creative confidence to make videos look and sound great;

  • On-screen super powers to put yourself in the frame;

  • Editing tactics to create powerful videos fast and fantastically;

  • Knowledge about what platforms will reach the people you want to attract;

  • And did we mention confidence?!

"I loved Amy’s Smartphone Video Bootcamp.

She is an engaging and entertaining presenter and she was able to make the more technical parts easy to understand. We covered a lot of material in a relatively short time and she made the session fun by bringing along video gadgets and accessories for us to experiment with.


She has definitely given our team the confidence to get out there and add video to our engagement ‘toolkit’.

Lindy Riese

Community Engagement Officer

"Amy’s workshop gave us a really helpful introduction to filming amateur video.


She struck a helpful balance, giving us enough information to build our confidence and motivate us to have a go while not overwhelming us with too much information.


After this workshop I have a stronger idea of how creative use of video can be used to communicate different messages, alongside practical tips and advice to help avoid the common pitfalls. This is a skillset which will come in very handy."

Felicity Shonk

Economic Development Officer

"The point of coming today was to learn more skills in video production .Video in my business is totally necessary – to let clients know what I do via social media, mail outs and on my website.


The entire day was SO much fun.  And the depth of knowledge on how to do things, the processes and also understanding that it takes time and patience, has been immense.  I feel really confident to be able to tackle what I want to do now.


If anyone is thinking about doing this course, do it.  Sign up early because it is a must."

Beverley Exley

Be Vibrantly Healthy


What you will learn:

Identifying the PUBLISHING PLATFORMS for your video marketing;

Ideas, elements and planning videos that deliver MARKETING RESULTS;

Crafting ENGAGING video messages that audiences will want to watch;

Creating an ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCTION UNIT with just your smart phone'

EASY-TO-USE accessories to BOOST THE QUALITY of your videos;

How to feel AWESOME & CONFIDENT at being the star of your video;

HANDS-ON filming and audio techniques;

EDITING tips and tricks and resources you can use.


Business Owners wanting to grow their visibility with video;

Marketers wanting to empower their staff to use video;

Solo operators or business blogger;

Anyone who wants to connect with clients and customers online.


Amy Bingham and Andy Newlyn are Video Smartists and principals of Itchy Feet Digital, an agency specialising in video creation and digital smarts.  Together they create video strategies and campaigns for a range of clients including big brand names to small startups you’ve not (yet) heard of.

Amy’s background in journalism and production for television and video means she brings a wealth of experience in storytelling and publishing, and practical and technical skills about the video making process.

Andy is an award winning cinematographer who's creativity brings our storytelling projects to life no matter the screen size.

Together Andy and Amy are experienced and passionate digital video educators who love empowering business owners and marketers to tell their stories via video.

The possibilities are endless...

All these were shot by course attendees on their smartphones...



A Facebook video post receives 135 percent more organic reach than a photo. BUFFER


Approximately 80% of all Instagram users follow a business on Instagram


Over 1.9 billion people use YouTube. That’s about one-third of the internet. (YouTube)


Video campaigns on LinkedIn have 50% view rates. (LinkedIn)


A Facebook executive predicted that their platform will be all video and no text by 2021. (Quartz)

All courses are kept deliberately small to ensure the maximum attention and hands-on learning from our tutors.

To register interest for the next Smartphone Video Bootcamp and take advantage of the "bring a work buddy" and early bird discounts, click below.