Stand Up Video

A 2 hour ‘to camera’ record session to create a video that delivers complex information succinctly and engagingly when you can’t be there in person.

  • 90-120” video
  • Video Management
  • Script editing
  • 2 hour shoot with teleprompter
  • Motion text and animated logo
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 2 day turnaround
$1,375 & GST
Milestone Academy
Educational Video

When might I need a Stand-up Video?

Sometimes an old fashioned words-only press release won’t cut it.  Or you can’t attend an event but you need to resent to the crowd (er damn you global pandemic).  Maybe your team need to actually hear and see what you have to say over another phone or (god forbid) Zoom call.

That’s where a stand up video comes in: a professionally captured to-camera delivery of important company information.

How we can help

Complete our brief template and we’ll be in touch to talk video and when we can make it happen.

From there, our team will await your draft shooting script and edit it to make it a little bit more video friendly.

Standing in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking for anyone, even those with considerable public speaking experience.  It’s natural to feel uncomfortable, like a rabbit in the spotlight and just want to get it over and done with.

Because this is NORMAL, our producer will chat to you prior to the shoot day and talk you through everything that might be worrying you – wardrobe, make up, stance, sweaty armpits – so that on the day you’ll feel more prepared and relaxed.

We’ll help you master your script not by reading from the autocue, but delivering a natural and engaging presentation that will help you genuinely connect with your audience.

Once the shoot is completed, out editing team will select the best footage and create the video according to the script.  They’ll cut between best takes naturally and add simple graphics and text where necessary to aid understanding.  You’ll look and sound awesome but most importantly, your audience will want to watch and enjoy doing so.

Once a draft is approved by yourselves the team will finalise the video, competing a full colour grade and audio mix to sure your final video is one in a million.

Add-ons available

Studio Hire:                                                        from $500

Additional production rate:                            $200 / hour

Script writing                                                     $150 / hour 

Captions / subtitles:                                         $60 / minute

I used Itchy Feet Digital to do 5 videos for my new business. They understood my offering and created videos that portrayed who I was and what my business offered so naturally. Professional and fun to deal with, they also had the videos edited in a record time. I highly recommend using them and will definitely use them again myself in the future.

Alison Buillard
The Milestone Academy

Itchy Feet nailed it!
We requested videography support with very little lead time.
Amy and Andy made our team feel comfortable and provided amazing coaching to deliver an outstanding result – thank you!

Mark Wright
FEFO Consulting

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