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Amy Bingham Round

Amy Bingham

I started my career as a news journalist, side-stepped in producing TV shows for the likes of the BBC and ITV in the UK. Cool huh? 


Long before phones-in-your-pocket were video cameras, I also learnt cinematography skills from big guys with big cameras.  Ask me about the time one of my mentors accidentally knocked his super expensive camera into the Atlantic Ocean.


As a producer, director and writer, I dabbled in entertainment, music, documentary and kids programmes. Hanging out with all sorts of folk – Kylie, Monica Trapaga, Maggie Thatcher and George Negus – my shows rated off the charts and won awards.  I even dipped my toe in big shiny floor shows and reality television; don’t judge me I had a mortgage to pay!


Why this should matter to you, is that I learnt the power of storytelling, great writing and vital video production smarts.  A skillset I was able to take to a Head of Production role at a Travel Publisher Bound Round.  


Part project manager, part accountant and part diplomat, at IFD I manage all the budgeting, scripting, logistics and deadlines of your video, giving you the confidence your project is in safe hands.

Andy Newlyn filming at Vissla

Andy Newlyn

My passion for skiing got me into the TV game after Art School, filming upwards while traveling backwards down the slopes of Thredbo.  A short trip to the UK morphed into a decade long run of camera work for television.  I rubbed shoulders with sports stars, film stars and musicians, filmed animals, renovations, naked actors and a whole lot more.  I also combined my love of snow sports with work, spending several seasons filming in ski resorts across The US and Europe.


Returning to Australia, I took up a furniture-making-stay-at-home-dad role with my daughters before transitioning into freelance corporate video filming work.   As part of the crew on CBA TV for nearly ten years, I created weekly programmes for over 15,000 retail staff across Australia.  As Executive Producer level I helped re-brand CBA TV, rising to the challenge of combining creativity and organisational prowess to deliver cost savings and improved audience experience. Wide-sweeping redundancies of non banking roles in the organisation saw my ten year tenure come to a natural end.


And that was the start of Itchy Feet Digital.   I steer the creative direction, filming and editing of all our projects.  When I started out as a camera man, production was for everyone else.  Now I get to use my unique set of skills creative, management and production on all our projects.

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