Testimonial Video

Convert leads into new customers by using your most successful case studies as social proof that you deliver results.

$2,500 & GST
  • 90-120” video
  • BONUS 20″ social media cutdown
  • Video Concept and Management
  • 4 hour shoot
  • Licensed music and animated logo
  • 10 hours of editing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 2-4 day turnaround
Munchas behind the scenes
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Why do you need testimonial video?

Video as part of a planned strategy will help draw your customers into your “web” and start to know, like and trust you.  But tipping them over into becoming paying customers needs an extra push, and that’s where video testimonials come in.

Case study testimonials act as social proof, a recommendation that the service or product your customer is considering buying has been a positive and successful experience for other customers.  Executed well, the videos also share what problems or challenges a customer was facing and how your service or product transformed their business.  Talking numbers and profits is an incredibly powerful form of testimonial on video.

The inference is that it will also be for new customers.

Video grabs attention and delivers emotion, so creates connection with a potential customer.

Video testimonials of real people makes your brand more relatable and trustworthy.

It’s also a medium that enables you communicate complex information succinctly and quickly AND viewers are more likely to remember your key messages.

Plus video testimonials are also perceived a far more genuine and harder to make up than written testimonials or Google reviews.

Most of all however video testimonials convert.: they’re an effective tool to give that final nudge potential customers need, in order to happily on the dotted line with you!

The process

Complete our brief template and we’ll be in touch to talk video and how we can make it happen.

From there, our team will create a concept and a draft shooting script that matches your business purpose.

Once the script is approved we’ll collaborate with you to lock in a shoot date and all the logistics that go with making sure the shoot is as productive as possible:  from shooting schedule, contributors, a list of shots needed and all briefing documents and call sheets.

On the shoot day itself our cinematographer and producer will manage the shoot ensuring all contributors are relaxed and deliver the best performance possible and all shots are captured according to script

In post production, our editing team will select the best footage, identify an appropriate  music track and use their experience to mesh it together in a timeline according to the approved script.  Thanks to their experience timing, shot selection, framing, effects and colour and sound tuning will help deliver a video that exceeds your expectations.

Once a draft is approved by yourselves the team will finalise the video, competing a full colour grade and audio mix to sure your final video is perfect!

Add-ons available

Drone Footage:                                           $150

Additional production time:                    from $200 / hour  

Captions / subtitles:                                  $60 / minute

The Little Big Dairy Co came to Itchy Feet with the goal of interviewing and producing testimonial videos. Our socials are filled with professional pictures but we were lacking video content and this is something that has become increasingly popular so we knew we needed them for our platforms.

We interviewed 9 cafe owners that use our milk and the point of these videos was to use them across all social media platforms, website and digital marketing to specifically target other cafe owners that may be looking to switch milk suppliers.

The initial stages of planning these videos, Amy was diligent in working with us and how we would achieve this goal. She then contacted each cafe owner that would be getting interviewed and essentially pre-interviewed them on the phone so they felt comfortable on the day of filming. She then put together extensive story boards and call sheets prior to filming so everyone knew exactly what was planned.

The days of filming were seamless with Andy working hard to capture the right shot and sound. They have great resources and awesome equipment so the pictures turned out beautiful.

One thing we loved about Itchy Feet was how receptive they were to feedback. When we had our first round of edits we picked up on little things that needed changing or may not have aligned with our brand and both Amy and Andy took all critiques on board and produced videos that we are very proud to showcase.

Working with Andy and Amy over the last 4 months has been incredible.Thank you Itchy Feet! Hopefully we can work together again in the future.

Ashleigh Littlewood
The Little Big Dairy Co

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