Easy, affordable and effective video production at scale 

Are you overwhelmed by the high cost and time suck of video production? 

Struggling to generate ongoing ideas to achieve your business outcomes? 

Do you have video capability but lack  logistics or editing to support your production? 

Struggling to justify professional video production in an already-stretched budget?

What you need are resources, support and expertise to help you easily create and afford regular video content for your communication needs 

We call it VIDEO NOW 

The stats around video are compelling

of marketers say video has helped them to generate leads  for their business (Wyzowl) 
of employees say they complete tasks easier when shown in a video (Convince and Convert)
of brands say they’ve got a new customer because of a video on social media  (Animoto)
of a message is retained when watching a video compared to text (Digital HR Tech)

Video for business is a no brainer

But in an era of video-first comms, creating a one-off fancy video just won’t cut it. And with the average cost of a 90” video costing between $3,000 and $6,000, that’s one big investment.

For your business to see results from video, whether it’s for external marketing or employee comms, it needs to be an integral part of your communication mix.

Which means regularly producing video content across all your platforms to different audiences with different messaging.  Supported by a well-structured production plan combining both quick and simple short-shelf-life DIY content AND higher quality evergreen video.

But consistently coming up with the ideas, grappling the tech, managing the logistics, let alone the huge time-suck that is editing, is hard, damn hard. It’s likely that video was never even part of your job description!

Finding a solution is not as easy as it seems,  and even when you try:

Production agencies charge the earth to make video. Editing can be slow and cumbersome to manage. Your internal video making capability lacks skills and resources. They don’t know you, care about and honestly the customer service is decidedly poor.

It all adds up to being too damn hard.

We think there is an easier way

Video Now

is a video subscription that combines support services for your DIY video AND access to professional video production at affordable rates.

It means you can EASILY and AFFORDABLY create regular and consistent quality video communications about your business to show the remarkable things you do. 

It can help

Give you back valuable time

Save you money

Skill up your team

Deliver better quality video

Improve business outcomes

Quite simply it’s affordable video at scale giving you the ability to create a range of videos that communicate anything and everything about your business 


Company Updates


Service Spotlight




Internal Announcements


Pre-recorded Webinars

Customer service

Organisational Culture 

KPR Hands

Product information

Workplaces Safety



Animated Explainers

How it works

A monthly VIDEO NOW subscription enables you to consistently and quickly create and publish quality videos for your organisation with the support and services from a professional bunch of video makers.  It’s jam packed with value.

What you get











What it means for you

Your business and resources are unique (you’re special that way!), so we’ll identify a DIY video kit and production space that fits the needs of your organisation, your team and your budget.  Whether you want to keep it simple or are ready for a more pro approach, you can be confident that your set up is designed for maximum productivity and simplicity.
From ideas to scripting, logistics and locations to shooting to editing, you’ll have easy and ongoing access to our decades of video experience and expertise so your production is more efficient and better quality.
Improving the know-how of your team means they’ll be empowered to make better quality DIY video and to confidently get most value from commissioned external content. Together we’ll work out what you need and tick off your to-do list.
Struggling to come up with an idea?  Not sure how to translate your message into a script? Regular support from us with ideas, genres and execution to give you confidence to create videos that are engaging, resonate better with your audience and achieve stronger results.  
Forget the budgetary surprises and frustration that can come with regular video production,  Video Now means no random add-ons, no surprise extras but a locked in  monthly spend, guaranteed.
Choosing how you spend your credits (scripting, editing, animation or professional filming) gives you ultimate flexibility to match your production needs, quality and output month by month.
In business, life happens:  staff take holidays, deadlines drop by, the to-do list mounts up.  If this means your video headspace takes a hit one month, don’t stress and simply roll over your video credits to the following month.  Or better still, bank credits for a bigger project when you need it.
Need a script template?  Want a quick update on lighting for an interview?  Your subscription gives unlimited access to a raft of downloadable templates and video learning so your video production doesn’t have to suffer.
Our company founders will be your principal point of contact, on hand to chat on the phone, answer emails or dip into your production whenever you need.  We also guarantee your very own personal editor meaning your brand, your messaging, your style is always on point.
We call ourselves Sydney’s friendliest video team, but this doesn’t mean we’ll shy away from production feedback when needed.  If we think you can improve your interview framing, the quality of your cutaways or your scheduling, we’ll let you know.  Better still we’ll give you ideas on how to make it even better next time.

Is VIDEO NOW the right choice for you?

Who is VIDEO NOW suitable for?

Our VIDEO NOW clients are a varied bunch, service-based industries, retailers, local government and not-for-profit organisations.
Sure, they’ve all got different needs, different audiences and different communication goals, but they also have a few things in common.
They want to:
  • Reach and engage an audience through regular and outcome-driven video communications
  • Mix up DIY and external video production
  • Have a high level of support for the former and cost-efficient for the latter
  • Make video logistically manageable
  • Know what they’re paying month on month, no surprises
If you’ve already experienced other forms of subscription-video services, ask yourself are you getting the experience you deserve?
Are you left with a level of creative, production and technical support you deserve?  Is there flexibility ?  Is it as amazing as was promised?
If you answered no, then VIDEO NOW will be a better solution:  guaranteed.

Feel the Love

Don’t ask us – hear what Daniel has to say below

Or for more kind words from happy clients head over HERE 

“Thanks to Itchy Feet Digital, both our confidence in producing and the quality of our content has gone up. We have had great success with personalised video, QR codes linking to video, product launch videos and our You Tube Channel. The next step for us is months more video adventures to keep our customers sticky with IFD by our side every step of the way. “

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Woollahra Council
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Health Mummy
Angela Directing
Itchy Feet Digital is a collective of video producers, videographers and editors whose purpose is to deliver an awesome level of creativity, production efficiency and customer service to our clients.
Founded and run by Amy Bingham and Andy Newlyn, the IFD team have careers spanning many decades across TV, video and corporate communications.  
Since 2017 we’ve consistently created high end professional video projects on behalf of clients.  We earned ourselves a reputation as one of Sydney’s friendliest and adaptable video production companies, always prepared to go the extra mile to collaborate and support our clients whatever their production needs.
Increasingly we were also delivering training for organisations who wanted to make their own videos but who lacked the in-house capability.  We created bespoke educational resources and tools, often also delivering fast and efficient post production support.
VIDEO NOW is a packaged combination of the two services giving clients who want a high level of support to their DIY content and affordable Pro content.


Monthly packages give you credits to use for services you need (unused credits roll over to the next month only)

1 hour of concept development or scripting 

A 60-120″ script will take approximately an hour to write from a brief / phone call

1 hour of editing, animation and graphics

A 60-120″ DIY video of interview and b roll will take approximately 5 hours to edit

1 hour of video training of your choice  

Training can be done either face to face or digitally via Zoom / Teams

1/2 hour of professional filming and directing

Filming includes videographer, producer and camera, lighting and sound gear (including drone) for a minimum 4 hour shoot

15 Credits

For DIY video makers who want professional editing so they can concentrate on filming

$1,800 & GST*

What this gets you:

3 x DIY Video Editing
1 x Professional Video (scripting, 4 hour filming and editing)

25 Credits

A good mix for DIY video makers who need support with editing but also small-scale professional video

$3,000 & GST*

What this gets you:

3 x DIY Video Editing
1 x Professional Video (scripting, 1/2 day filming and editing)

50 Credits

Perfect for regular editing for DIY video and a professional shoot

$6,500 & GST*

What this gets you:

4 x DIY Video Editing
2 x Professional Videos (scripting, 1 full days filming and editing)
* Packages are available for a minimum of 6 months, although if you wish to pause we are more than happy to work something out.
We can also create bespoke credit packages to suit your needs

But wait – there’s more!

You didn’t think we’d ignore the fact that you’ve got this far down the page, without dangling a tempting carrot to entice you to sign up?



We’ll establish an overarching framework for your video marketing activities with a plan that helps you easily, effectively and affordably create consistent video content, sets out a list of videos ideas to help you achieve your goals, establishes a content schedule that aligns with your marketing activities, recommends resources to optimise your production capabilities and training needed and provides bespoke templates and production process map.
Not only will it mean every video has purpose (and therefore is measurable) but it will mean production efficiencies, accountability for your team and ensure your entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to video.

PLUS get access to video learning and downloadable resources such as these when you sign up with VIDEO NOW

Video Production




on camera


Email video




VIdeo Brief outline


Filming interviews outdoors
Shooting Green Screen
shooting b roll
Camera COnfidence
Still have some questions about whether VIDEO NOW is a good fit for you?  Schedule a call with one of our Video Team and we will call you back to chat at a time that suits you