Video Marketing Strategy

Not sure where to start when it comes to using video marketing in your business?

Are you overwhelmed with creative ideas and what to say in a single video?

Perhaps you’ve previously dabbled in video and after all the effort and expense it failed to deliver what you wanted?


A video without strategy is like a hipster without coffee; it’s simply not going to work.

Let us help:

  • ­Deliver a workable plan to attract and retain more customers and clients through video marketing
  • ­Strengthen your marketing efforts to promote your services or products
  • ­Set out actionable steps to easily and effectively create video for your speciality
  • ­Provide a year-round pool of video ideas matched to your customers needs at the time they need
  • ­Educate you about what metrics will help clearly measure the results of video and show ROI

Book Your Video Marketing Session Today

Our Video Strategy Process

With a bespoke Video Content Marketing Strategy, you’ll have a tailored plan to confidently and effectively create videos for all your business communication and marketing needs.

The Process

Book your strategy session.  Once payment is made, you’ll receive an email containing links to a video questionnaire, which helps us learn more about your business and tailor the session specifically to your needs.  Choose a suitable time in the online calendar and you’ll receive confirmation of the scheduled time for your strategy session hosted via virtual teleconferencing site Zoom.

Final Strategy

After the video session, we’ll prepare an easy-to-follow video marketing strategy and plan.  The five-step video framework will lay a strong foundation for all video marketing, whether in-house or outsourced, and help you master your video marketing across the next 12 months.

What Our Clients Say

Meeting with Amy  of Itchy Feet Digital for a video strategy session was one of the most enjoyable 2 hours of my year.  Amy has a way of cutting through the BS and telling it like it is (or at very least, the way it ought to be).

I’m a novice in the video space, but now feel somewhat empowered to dip my rather large feet into this new form of social media engagement.  Props to you Amy.

Peter Crewe-Brown
Pair Planning