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Creating a framework for video that aligns with your marketing activities and ensures maximum impact.

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    Not sure where to start when it comes to using video marketing in your business?

    Have you dabbled in video but it failed to deliver what you wanted?   

    Maybe you’re overwhelmed with ideas or stuck on a single video?

    Video marketing is more than simply making the odd video and hoping it delivers. It’s about creating regular and consistent video that has purpose and is part of a bigger picture plan. 
    A video without a strategy is like a hipster without coffee; it might look good but it won’t necessarily do what you want.  And the time, money and effort you’ve invested in production will be wasted.
    A strategy helps you to identify the business purpose, deliver customers value and reward and align content with your core marketing activities.  Plus it means your video is designed for a primary platform, fits within your marketing funnel and clearly matches your desired messaging and what you want the viewer to do next.
    Having a video framework, also creates production efficiencies, keeps your team accountable and ensures your entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to video.

    Our approach

    We can help you establish an overarching framework for your video marketing activities with a plan that:

    • ­ Helps you easily, effectively and affordably create consistent video content
    • ­ Sets out a list of videos ideas to help you achieve your goals
    •  Establishes a content schedule that aligns with your marketing activities
    • ­ Recommends resources to optimise your production capabilities and training needed
    • ­ Provides bespoke script templates and production process map

    New to video?

    We have a number of resources to help ease the stress and navigate through the  possibilities.

    How it works


    Book your strategy session through the online booking system. Once payment is made, you’ll receive an email containing links to a video questionnaire, which helps us learn more about your business and tailor the session specifically for you.  Choose a suitable time in the online calendar and you’ll receive confirmation of the scheduled time for your 2-hour strategy session hosted via virtual teleconferencing site Zoom.


    At the scheduled date and time, your Discovery session will enable us to learn more about your business, your people and your customers. We’ll dig deep to unearth your communication challenges, any existing video assets and your marketing activities.  All this is rich material to determine where the opportunities for video are both in your business but also in your industry sector.


    After the discovery session, we’ll analyse what we’ve discovered about your business as well as research video activity and trends by your competitors and within your industry.  We’ll then prepare your strategy with detailed recommendations to help you master your video marketing.  The framework will give you ideas and a plan to set you up with a strong foundation for all video production, whether in-house or outsourced, across the next 12 months.

    strategy document

    I recently met Amy Bingham of Itchy Feet Digital for a video strategy session.  It was one of the most enjoyable and productive two hours of my year.  Amy has a way of cutting through the BS and telling it like it is (or at very least, the way it ought to be). I was a novice in the video space, but she not only helped devise a workable plan for help me use video in my day to day, but what I should work towards in the future.  She gave me ideas, inspiration and energy!  I now feel somewhat empowered to dip my rather large feet into this pool of social media engagement. Props to you Amy.”

    Peter Crewe-Brown
    Pair Planning

    We engaged Amy and the team because we wanted to step up our game in video but didn’t want a big agency.  With The Itchy Feet team we got the best of both worlds: a responsive business with the scope to do whatever we wanted.
    I must admit that when I saw a 30+ strategy slide deck from Amy, I thought it would be 25pages of templated guf.  But it wasn’t and I was blown away at how quickly Amy had been able to understand our business, our challenges and where we wanted to go.  Nothing was a problem and they’re now helping us upskill our team and craft outsourced solutions. I highly recommend having a cup of tea with Amy to see how they can help your business get video working for you – Covid or No Covid!

    Daniel Peacock
    GloSkin Body

    Other services we offer

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    A streamlined process that delivers to brief, budget and deadline and makes it fun for everyone involved.

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    Video Training

    Script writing, videography, presenting and editing, let us share our production smarts.

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    Post Production

    Our editors work their magic on all the elements of your project together to create the awesome video you deserve.

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