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Step 1: Planning your Video

Today we cover off on the foundations for a successful video.  So grab a note-taking pen and paper and watch the video below. Video time is approximately 3 mins.


And don't forget to download the accompanying worksheet.

STEP 1 - Planning


This is "Why, what and where" of video that will enable your video to be more targeted and more effective.


Identify the following elements:

Business Purpose

Plus what you want the audience to do once they've watched your video.  Is it to drive traffic to a particular page or website, increase subscriptions to a course or event, promote a product or service or increase click through rates in an email.  

This will also enable you to better measure the results at the end of yoru video campaign.


Who are they and what is their pain point?  It will help you better create content that your audience want to see.  Matching your business purpose and audience needs is the video content sweet spot.



Where will you  publish your video - web, social or email? Obviously you will publish to your existing platforms, but also consider is there somewhere that your audience are, that you don't know about yet?

It's important to adapt videos for different platforms - duration, design aesthetics, frame size and so on - it's no longer a one-size fits all world.


The fun bit where you can think about your Ideas and how to bring them to life. 


Don't keep it in your head and assume you will be able to explain it to everyone.  Instead create a script and exaplin the audio and visual elements in that script or better still a storyboard where everyone will be able to "see" the idea you intend to bring to life. 

Ready for Step 2?

Mosey on over to HERE and let me help you work out how to resource your video production.