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Production office in Sydney, Australia


Step 2: Resourcing your Video

For Step 2, I'm discussing different production models to resource your business video making. It should only take about 3 minutes, so grab a cuppa.


Once you've watched, you can download today's resource guide that gives you a bunch of ideas on what videos to make first.   

STEP 2 - Resourcing

There are three choices as to how you're going to resource making your videos; you can adopt a DIY approach, outsource or use a mixture of the two.


This approach is good if you or a team member have the skills and capacity. 


Using your iPhone means you can create low budget, low effort social media content.  Taking this approach works well when you keep it short and simple and rely on very little or no editing.  If editing consider sparing the time to adequately skill up.


Not every organisation has the in-house skill or time to be creating videos in house or has skills in only some area. 

Consider outsourcing the skills and capability you don't have.  Getting a videographer to shoot for you or  - a popular option is to engage the services of an editor to pull together your footage.

Outsourcing gives you access to both specialist equipment such as drones or go pros - but also enables you to pull in skills when you need for particular roles such as script writing or motion graphics.

In house Production

Creating an In-house Video Production Unit is appropriate when you are creating video at volume and with success; it no longer makes sense to pay someone external to do it. 


There are set up costs of going down this avenue - equipment, overheads, staffing etc - but it gives you versitality and greater opportunity to create quality content.

Ready for Step 3?

Speed on over to HERE and see how easy it is to use your iPhone to make video.