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Step 3: Smartphone Production


For Step 3 we get into the nitty gritty of making videos using your smart phone. This 3 minute video is packed full of tips to transform your smart phone into a video production unit that packs punch.

And once you've finished watching, download the Gear Guide below with details on what accessories you can use to amplify your video efforts.

STEP 3 - Smartphone Production

Smartphones are super dooper video cameras particularly for creating DIY video content for business, but it does come with some limitations.  as such there are. a raft of accessories to consider to up the ante with your produciton capabilities.



The cameras are great on the iPhone - the newer versions even more so - but on Iphone 6 and up, you can pretty much set everything to auto and it will do the hard work for you.  If you want more control over brightness, exposure or focus, then you can go manual



If you want to up the ante even more, a camera App such as Filmic Pro gives you more customisable settings and as an added bonus has an in-app editor.


our video will be more polished if your shots are stable.  A simple tripod to a more costly gimbal will help keep shots steady.  A pile of books or a lump of blutack are great DIY alternatives.


This is key to keeping your audience watching (And listening) and phones microphones are limited in recording good sound.  Instead consider investing in a plug in directional mic or a lapel mic.

Check the input is comparable with your phone.



Depending on the make and model of your phone, the lens capacity can be enhanced with some clip on lenses.  Ollo clip are the market leaders and give you wide angle or macro capability. 


When shooting people - or yourself - you'll want to make sure the audience can see face, facial expressions and smiles!  Phones work well in natural light but if you're struggling to light up your subject, then perhaps a small investment in some artificial lighting source will serve you well.  Some form of soft lighting accessory - an LED plug in or top light is better than nothing.

Ready for Step 4?

Well get a wriggle on then.  HERE it is.