What we charge

We get that you want to know how much video costs, but no two video projects are the same so it’s really tough to give you a clear idea of the wonga without knowing what it is that you want.

We do have some standard packages that we offer based on our most popular commissions.  So head HERE to find out more.

Or if you want something a little bit more bespoke, please send us an email and we can send you a lovely little brief to complete so that we can put together a tailored quote or proposal. 

Or if you need this super smart quick, pick up the phone.  We much prefer a good old fashioned phone conversation.

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Are we expensive?

There are videographers who cost less than us and video agencies that charge way more;  we think we’re somewhere in the middle.

We believe we can deliver a more professional and rounded service than a one-person band but a leaner and savvier offering than a big flash agency with pool tables and Uber eats accounts.

With us you’re paying for our years of production experience, creativity, business smarts, technical know-how, flawless and friendly reputation and our commitment to your project.

The shoulder pads and stupid heavy cameras may look old fashioned, but they’re what made us the video powerhouses we are today and demonstrate you really can trust us.


What our quotes include

All necessary briefing, meeting, nattering in person, on the phone or via the interwebs;
Ideas, research, script writing, question preparing, call sheets, logistics and project management,;
Filming – including equipment and crew – according to your brief and the shooting script;
Post production: assembling vision and sound according to script, graphics, test, stills and stock  footage,  colour                grade and sound mix, professional  music and any changes need to finalise your perfect video.

We’re also happy to share any question or queries you have about the production process before, after and during any collaboration.

We aim to provide you with a fixed cost for your project so that there are no nasty surprises.  And any additional production expenses we will seek your permission before incurring them.

All our prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and are quoted with Goods and Services Tax (GST). 

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