This is where you can learn all about Itchy Feet Digital and our awesome team of video people.

We’re happy to share our experience, who we’ve worked for and how we got good at what we do.

But really, we bet that you’re here for  some reassurance that we know our stuff and can be trusted.  And that we’re a good fit for your video job and your business.

So you’ll also probably want to know that we have had and still have some amazing clients and that they like to work with us.

We’ve worked with lots of large and small businesses, and largely we don’t mind who pays the invoice, we want to work with awesome people.

Folk work with us because we’re an ego-free and fuss-free agency.  Clients work with We listen to what you want. And make it easy, fun and without stress.

So if that tickles your fancy, then read on.

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