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Videos that sell 

If you’re in the market of selling products rather than services, then Product videos are about moving the dial on your sales.

For customers to buy, they need to see what your product looks like and how it performs in real life.  Video helps them to connect emotionally to what you’re selling: because let’s face it, shopping is all about the feels.

There are many types of product videos you can make from promos and ads, tutorials and educational content, to case studies and demonstrations.

Sales videos are about giving customers confidence they their money will be well spent.

Get noticed

Short punchy videos showcase products and benefits to spark interest


Video is an intoxicating and persuasive mix that delights our human senses


Real life vision of your products in nation is more believable over other formats

Put your products centre stage


More than pretty pictures, product videos should be about the solution or benefit it offers, the experience of using it and the overarching vision you’re trying to build around your brand.  

Sustainable, organic, healthy – if your product and business are about a particular set of values, communicate it in your product video.

Tell a story and use context to make sense of your video.  Put your band front an centre of what you do from the opening frame, make it fun, make it snappy and use stylised execution to sell.

Why us?


At Itchy Feet Digital, we’re adept and skilled at impactful, stylish and quality product video production.

Our creative and story-led video services will help you with a strategy and a production that works to achieve your goals.

Leverage our experience in journalism, television and video to produce creative content and smart strategy that connects you with both customers and community.

This was our first time using professionally produced video content and IFD were superb in guiding us through the whole process.  Their attention to detail and quick uptake on connecting with the correct messaging and content really was very reassuring.   From the moment IFD set up we knew we were with a business that cared about our business. We were really happy with the end result and they generate a steady stream of sales for our products.

John Flood

KPR Pharmaceuticals

Other ways we can help:

We offer a suite of video types and services to help grow your business and increase your impact.

Animation Videos

 An affordable and dynamic tool to bring your idea or process to life

Testimonial Videos

 Use happy customer stories as a sales generating cheer squad.

Brand Videos

Showcase the people and purpose of your organisation

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