Share your expertise with students

An online video course collates your expertise and knowledge into a resource that has value.

Creating a video course or web series is also an efficient way to educate a broad range of students to achieve successful outcomes, to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and for some organisations or individuals a powerful lead generation tool.

One of the best ways to deliver an engaging and effective remote learning experience is by creating online video courses.

It successfully communicates information at volume whilst better aiding students’ understanding and retention of content.  It also allows for students to consume a video course or web series at a time that best suits them.  

Get noticed

Grab attention, deliver information at volume and nail retention rates.


Investing in training now can yield profit for many years to come.


Enables consistency in content and messaging for remote learning.

Minimise the stress

An online video course or web series can take many forms, cover any topic you wish and look however you want it to.  There is no one-size fits all.  

But creating effective and engaging online video learning can be challenging. 

Course creators are often time poor, overwhelmed by the volume of content and struggle with the technical side of filming or presenting to camera.

Outsourcing the content creation and production to professionals yields a unique set of skills, laser-sharp focus and a commitment to complete the project to deadline.

Why us?


At Itchy Feet Digital we’ve helped hundreds of clients create engaging, impactful and professional online video courses and web series.  

From health and wellness, to financial literacy and immigration and all manner of creative pursuits, the success of the online video courses produced are down to a structured, organised and methodical approach.

We love nothing more than ideating and strategising with video course creators to turn dreams into reality.

Without this, creating a course and filming and editing a bunch of videos can quickly become unwieldily, labour intensive and costly for everyone. And a poor experience for your audience.

As video newbies we relied totally on the skills and expertise of Itchy Feet Digital for to our online video course.  After some hefty quotes from other production companies, Amy and Andy were a breath of fresh air – adding a level of professionalism and patience that we didn’t think we could afford on our budget.  We were stoked with the results which were beyond our expectations. 

Penny Latey

Other ways we can help:

We offer a suite of video types and services to help grow your business and increase your impact.

Video for Small Business

Off-the-shelf packages to generate a steady stream of customers

Videography Courses

Workshops, training and bespoke video making courses 

Post Production

Transform your footage into polished, impactful and meaningful video

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