Internal Communications Video


Escalating your employee engagement

Using Internal Communications Video as part of your staff engagement strategy is an effective, engaging and cost-effective way to cultivate a shared sense of purpose and ensure best practice across your organisation.  

From onboarding to training, company updates to employee successes, employee communications video empowers, educates and engages your workforce.   It minimises barriers to collaboration, delivers information in a format employees prefer to consume it and provides a powerful medium for sharing inspiring storytelling around your business. 

Quite simply, employee video is a powerful pathway to cultivating a kick-arse company culture.


Grab attention, deliver information at volume and higher retention rates


Guarantees communication at scale nationwide for multiple devices


Digital video training supports a safer workplace

It’s all about your team

Producing great video for employee engagement starts with us putting ourselves in the shoes of your team, understanding what  makes them tick and what motivates them to interact and react.

From scripting to execution of internal communications videos, purpose and value is at the heart of what we do.


Ways to use video to inspire people and culture

Why us?

 At Itchy Feet Digital, we help conscious brands form connection through emotive, impactful and narrative-driven Internal Communications Video Production.

We offer strategic, story-led video services that take your audience on a journey. 

Internal communications video is at the heart of our business: our Founder Andy earning his corporate stripes within the video comms team at Commonwealth Bank for nearly a decade. 

We have a strong understanding and passion for the unique skillset that is internal communications videos, always striving for quality and value in our clients projects. 


The Itchy Feet Team are our go-to for professional news and update videos from our management team for our workforce.  They have an ability to read the room, relax and mentor our people and quickly, and efficiently capture and deliver video content that matches our needs.

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Other ways we can help:

We offer a suite of video types and services to help grow your business and increase your impact.

Educational Videos

Facilitating professional training content

Videography Courses

Workshops, training and bespoke video making courses

Post Production

Transform your footage into polished, impactful and meaningful video