Video Marketing Sydney

Confidently create content that reaches the right audience on the right platform at the right time

For your videos to count, you need confidence that they strategically align with your marketing goals and deliver maximum impact and return on investment.

As a leading video marketing company in Sydney, Itchy Feet Digital will help you identify and plan regular and consistent video across all your platforms so that you make video with purpose, that’s optimised for Google and can be efficiently re-purposed.

A video marketing framework also creates production efficiencies, keeps your team accountable and ensures your entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to video.

Hi there!  We’re Itchy Feet Digital, videologists based in Sydney.  We help conscious brands form connections through emotive, impactful and narrative-driven video content.

We collaborate with clients, their business and their community to truly understand the story that begs to be told.  

Leverage our experience in journalism, television and corporate video to produce creative content and smart strategy that connects you with your tribe.

What you get from a video marketing strategy

A framework to guide your video marketing activities over the next twelve months

  • Easily, effectively and affordably plan video production

  • Develop creative campaigns using existing content

  • Video ideas from quick DIY wins to higher end pro content

  • A content schedule aligned with your marketing calendar

  • Opportunities to repurpose footage across platforms

  • How to optimise videos for search engines

  • ­Resources to improve production capabilities

  • Script templates and production process map

How it works

A face to face or zoom strategy discover session, where we learn about your business, communication needs and campaign goals.

We’ll analyse what we’ve discovered about your business and research industry and competitor trends to identify opportunities.

A bespoke strategy document will detail recommendations to help you master your video marketing.

Other Video Marketing Services we offer:

  • Writing – social, editorial, newsletter and website
  • Video Optimisation for Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website and social media audit and plans
  • SEO Optimisation

Did you know we also help with:

Video Production

Transform your video dreams to reality with our creative and logistical smarts for business communications

Post Production

Use our team of pro editors to transform your shot footage into impactful video that resonates and emotes

I was overwhelmed by knowing I needed video in my business, but having no idea how or where to start.  Amy has a way of cutting through the BS and telling it like it is, or the way it ought to be.

Thanks to the strategy session I now feel empowered to dip my rather large feet into creating video for my channels with confidence. 

Peter Crewe-Brown

Pair Consulting

I saw Amy’s 30+ video strategy slide deck and thought it would be 25 pages of templated guf.  But I quickly realised it was utterly specific to our business, our challenges and where we wanted to go.

Thanks to Itchy Feet, video is a daily part of all aspects of our business.  We can now confidently produce video in house and outsource to Itchy Feet when we need to up the quality.

Daniel Peacock