A birds-eye view of your business

Whether it’s jaw-dropping geography, a prime location or an alternative view of an event or action, aerial videography delivers a wow factor like no other.

Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) for professional drone video services enables you to show scale, your premises and a birds eye view of your business operations.  

Aerial videography enables a first-person view that is often impossible to achieve from a ground-based camera operator.  Combine it with ground-level footage, and you’ve got yourself a high end video that showcases your business.

Get noticed

Showcase the size, location or scale of your business to spark interedt from new customers.


Aerial videography is an attention-grabbing and emotive offering that makes an audience feel.


Using aerial videography as part of a video project delivers a wow factor and value for money.

Showcase scale and location

Technology has meant drones are increasingly an adaptable and powerful tool for aerial videography and photography.   

Drone footage captured through UAVs offers angles and locations that were previously beyond the budgets of most businesses.  

Audiences are increasingly expecting drone video service as part of videography and business communications.  Yet many businesses overlook the potential risk involved with engaging drone services Sydney.

With multiple operational and legal challenges in operating drones, it’s important for your business reputation and future to engage experienced and trustworthy drone services Sydney.

Why us?


Itchy Feet Digital are aerial drone service specialists with reliable risk-mitigating drone filming services. 

Risk assessments and flight plans mean our drone services Sydney guarantee planned, legal and safe aerial operations in line with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) guidelines.

Lightweight drones with high resolution cameras, stabilisation and flight maximising features emable us to guarantee the best quality of footage for your project.

For high quality drone services Sydney, we’re happy to help with any of your projects.

We’re absolutely stoked with our videos and Itchy Feet made the entire process so easy. The footage is outstanding, interviews very natural and thanks to this and their editing magic, we have six videos which make our business stand out from the crowd.

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Other ways we can help:

We offer a suite of video types and services to help grow your business and increase your impact.

Animation Videos

 An affordable and dynamic tool to bring your idea or process to life

Testimonial Videos

 Use happy customer stories as a sales generating cheer squad.

Video for Small Business

Cost effective packages to generate a steady stream of customers