Educational Video

Visual and share-worthy learning content

Forget death by powerpoint, transform your online learning with visual and engaging educational video.

From thought-leadership to expert interviews, product demos to FAQs, how-to videos and animated infographics, online course creation, if it’s something your audience will learn from,  it’s worth creating an educational video about it.

Making useful and informative video with clear messaging, easy-to-follow elements and design elements whilst also featuring engaging talent helps show the world you know your stuff.

Plus by involving your audience, tickling their fancies and creating content that personifies your brand aesthetic, educational video is great for your business. 


Broaden your reach and help get noticed on Google


Build trust in your business and services by showcasing your expertise


Translate complex material into clear and concise video

Show your expertise

Educational and learning videos offer an audience value.  Plus they’re an effective way to demonstate your knowledge and understanding of your field of expertise.

Building trust is an important factor that potential customers make in the lead up to purchasing.  They’re seeking confidence that you know your stuff and are the most reliable and obvious choice.

Learning and education video content can also be used for course creation and for passive income.


Why us?


At Itchy Feet Digital, we help conscious brands form connection through emotive, impactful and narrative-driven Educational Video 

We offer strategic, story-led video services that take your audience on a journey.

Leverage our experience in journalism, television and video to produce creative learning and educational content and smart strategy that connects you with your customers or community. 

Our team are experienced at value-driven learning and educational content that is affordable, professional and achieveable.

We used Itchy Feet for our business to create a number of promotional and educational video’s for our company. This was our first time using professionally produced video content and IFD were superb in guiding us through the whole process. Their attention to detail and quick uptake on connecting with the correct messaging and content really was very reassuring. From the moment IFD set up we knew we were with a business that cared about our business. We were really happy with the end result and are already planning our next one!

John Flood

KPR Pharmaceuticals

Other ways we can help:

We offer a suite of video types and services to help grow your business and increase your impact.

Brand Video

Showcase the people and purpose of your organisation

Videos for Online Courses

Professional course content to monetise your expertise

Post Production

Transform your footage into polished, impactful and meaningful video

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