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Videos that convert

Testimonial videos tell the story of how a customer used your product or services to achieve their goals.  

Recommendations play an important role in a decision-making process.  When customers are close to buying, they’re looking for validation about their choice.   

Using video case studies of your most successful customers gives confidence and an extra push.  

Case Study or testimonial videos combine the authenticity of video with the power of a positive review, to create a marketing tool that converts.

Social Proof

Showcases the value of your products or services in real life scenarios


Recommendations deliver powerful third party validation about your business


Combine compelling interviews and visual b-roll for engagement and impact

Use customers to convert

Video as part of a planned strategy will help a new audience get to know, like and trust you.  But tipping them over into becoming paying customers needs an extra push, and thats where video testimonials come in.

We recommend a testimonial video includes interviews with your most valued customers, in which they outline the tangible benefits your offering has made to their business or lives. Narrative storytelling is further enhanced through quality b-roll footage of that customer using your product or interacting with your service team.

Well-planned and executed testimonial videos published across your digital platforms demonstrate authentic examples of your business in action.

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Why us?


At Itchy Feet Digital, we help conscious brands form connection through emotive, impactful and narrative-driven testimonial video production.

Our strategic, story-led video services take your audience on a journey.

By collaborating with you, your business and your community we truly understand the story that begs to be told.  

Leverage our experience in journalism, television and video to produce creative content and smart strategy that connects you with both customers and community.

Working with IFD has been a great experience.  A stand out is their preparation, understanding our brand, our customers and people that they’re working with and building trust with everyone: this care shines through their work. Using their videos has allowed us to share our brand story with more people,  leads are more ready to partner with us and without a doubt have directly resulted in an increased customer base to grow our business.

Emma Elliot

Little Big Dairy Co.

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