Five key elements for every video you make.

Whether it’s a video for your website or a short burst on social, an event promotion or an educational video, here are five key elements that will mean your efforts wont be wasted.


Who doesn’t love a good story? A great video should have a narrative whether it’s obvious or inferred. Don’t reinvent the wheel, use storytelling principals in any video you make.

Whether it’s with words, vision or a clever combination of both, create a narrative that takes your audience on a journey from beginning to end. Hook them in at the start and use key storytelling techniques throughout – challenges emotions and conclusions – to keep them watching.

People like to be entertained and a good story will mask the real business purpose behind your video and have your audience hooked from the get go.


Our brains are hard wired to mirror emotions we see in front of us. If you watch a film where people cry, you’re more likely to feel the same.

If you can add emotion to your video then you’re increasing the chances of a connection with your audience. Make it authentic and this engagement will deepen.


Think of clever and alternative ways to tell your story with pictures.

Whether it be amazing cinematography and visual techniques, a stunning location, interesting faces and people or creative shots, visuals will hold viewer interest and further strengthen your message.

And where possible, use a drone; who doesn’t love an aerial view?


As with any piece of content, video should be as succinct as you can. Be economical when it comes to words and pictures. The maximum duration should not exceed two minutes, but on social keep it under thirty seconds.

Review your script again and again, taking out any superfluous wordage. Is there a more succinct way to show your meaning, can it be visual rather than words?

Respect your viewers for giving you the time and keep your message – however you present it – short and sweet. Pay attention to different time limits on platforms and always remember the adage, less is more.


Too many great videos leave an audience hanging at the end.

If you want viewers to take a specific action, make it clear. If you have a location for them to visit, tell them what it is.

There ain’t no point in going to the effort of making a video, if it doesn’t capture interest and channel it to your destination.

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