And how do they help move the dial on your e commerce or retail business?

If you’re in the market of selling stuff rather than services, you know you need to showcase your products on your website or social channels.  Customers want to see what they look like and be confident that what you claim is the truth.

And whist a photo will suffice, if you really want customers to buy into the “dream” of your product, to see how it performs and to react emotionally (because let’s face it, online shopping is all about the feels!), then video is the must-have ingredient to ramp up your cart transactions.


As with any type of video for your business, product videos work on two levels – for your customers and your business. 

Attention grabbing

Single image or a toe-tapping laugh out loud video that tells a story, sells a dream and shows your thing from all angles?  Do you even need to ask which format is most likely to get your product noticed?

Easy as

Any activity that requires a potential customer to make an effort – reading or thinking –  is a potential barrier to selling.  Quite simply video is a passive activity, which for us lazy humans means it’s easier to absorb information and remember a message in video compared to other forms of communication.

Deliver an emotional hit

Pictures, voice, music and text combined are an intoxicating and persuasive mix that delights our human senses.  Chuck in real people and smiley faces having fun and video is a guaranteed mood mix that converts.


Whether it’s a funky, high energy ad or a slower paced demonstration or testimonial, customers perceive video as more believable over other formats: simples.  Video doesn’t lie surely?

Help with discoverability

Whether it’s on your website or social channels, video helps your product get discovered.  A website with a landing page video is 53 times more likely to get on page 1 of Google (Invisia) and video posts on Facebook are 1200% more likely to get viewed. The stats say so!

Communicate at volume 

Rather than long reams of text extolling the virtues of your product, a stackable video can highlight its features, show the benefits and tell stories of its success with customers.   A twenty second video can communicate a lot about your product in an engaging and super fast delivery.

Did you know our team of experienced videologists can help with any type of video production?


Whilst there’s is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all product video, the type of video you make and where it is best shown will be dictated by where your viewers are in their journey with your business.

A potential customer who doesn’t even know they need one of your widgets (top of the funnel) will respond very different to someone who’s already heavily researched the market for widgets and decided that the best choice is down to you or your fiercest competitor (bottom of the funnel).  A video for TOFU will be more along a promo or explainer than BOFY where testimonials or how to videos will resonate more. 

Different platforms will demand a different aesthetic and format, so where to put it also is a factor to consider  A snackable ad is more likely to resonate on social channels or You Tube whereas a longer tutorial or testimonial video will be more at home on your website.  And while there’s convention, a great video no matter its length can sit anywhere.

But broadly speaking these are the different types of product videos that you can use in your marketing.

Promos and Ads

Short punchy ads that showcase your product in (literally) their best light.  Attention grabbing TOFU content that grabs attention and sparks interest.  

Best on social channels and for paid campaigns.

Explainers, Tutorials, How too and Demonstrations 

Videos that nut down its the detail of your products, how they work and the benefits of using them.  Value add content that helps customers with information that often they didn’t know they needed.  

Best for MOFU messaging on your website when customers are closer to buying.

Testimonials or case studies

For customers who are more motivated to buying , videos that showcase happy customers and how your products have helped them solve problems can be very effective at moving the dial on the buy button.

After care, complimentary products and deal-specific.

Why stop at one sale when video can persuade customers to become raving fans.  

To see more examples of product videos to move the dial on your retail business, head to our portfolio page.


Product videos are about moving the dial on e commerce sales.  And if you’re going to the effort and cost of making a product video, you want it to succeed.

Whilst there’s no one perfect way to make a product video, there are a few elements that you’ll want to nail to give it the best chance at using the ante on your sales.

The why

More than pretty pictures, product videos should be about the solution or benefit it offers, the experience of using it and the overarching vision you’re trying to build around your brand.  Sustainable, organic, healthy – if your product and business are about a particular set of values, communicate it in your product video.

Tell a story and use context to make sense of you video.  And don’t forget to put your band front an centre of what you do form the opening frame.

Plan it  

Believe me, if you’re after a great video as opposed to an okay video, don’t just point and shoot:  99% of the work goes in to the idea and the planning.   Sniff around the interwebs for inspiration, have a team meeting, have a big glass of vino in the bath but imagine a concept, write a shortlist or doodle up a storyboard and help  bring it to life.

Short and snappy

We’re a time poor generation.., so get to the crux of what you want to say quickly.  Don’t labour the point, make it short and succinct:  leave your audience wanting more rather than flicking past.  There’s no sweet spot, but give your audience value – a laugh, information or entertainment and 

Make it fun

Whether it’s a short ad or a longer tutorial, use video to bring personality to your product. Know your audience and reward them for their time with value – a laugh, amazing fact, cool shots.   Unless you’re selling coffins, and maybe

Light it up

Lighting design is a profession in itself for a good reason: light conveys mood, emotion and shows your product in the best possible, er, light.  We’re not advocating for the full lighting truck people, but at least let your audience see your damn product in all its glory.


Us people in your ads where possible, and consider actors, models or super cool people who match your brand aesthetic.  Real people can add a layer of complexity and cost (think hair, make up and styling) but bring authenticity.  If you don’t use people, that’s fine too but customers will connect with other real humans using and demonstrating your products.

Music matters

Music can generate, enhance and shove home a mood, a feeling, an emotion: so where possible use it.  Yup even on social where most folk watch without sound on, delight – as Facebook say – for those who turn up the dial.  From a production perspective it drives creative, post production and connects.  And a toe-tapping tune can enhance retention of your product and message long after the videos stopped playing.

Call to action

Dont leave your customers sharing, particularly if they get to the end of the video and like what they see and want to buy.  Make videos stoppable, links to purchase, whatever it takes to help them easily make the next move.

With 55% of customers using video for purchase decisions (according got Google) and  73% of viewers who watch product videos making a purchase.  (Animoto), using product videos in your e commerce or retail business not only makes sense, it’s a worthy investment for your business growth.

And now you have the intel on how to make them shine!

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