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Making a video is far more than just pressing record so if you’re after some awesome video production tips then you’re in the right spot.

The filming element of the entire production only runs to plan if there has been time, effort and consideration put in at the pre-production phase.  And filming is further enhanced with post production and project management. And of course a video will only be successful if it fits within a video strategy and serves the marketing goals of an organisation.

In short, it’s a nuanced and intricate puzzle that only works if all the pieces are put together in the correct order.

Within these pages are a bunch of articles and learnings designed to help make your puzzle easier to fit together.

It includes articles on specific types of videos and how to create them, tips on production processes and systems and ways to make your productions more efficient and successful.

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How video can escalate staff engagement

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Employee communications have moved a long way beyond old-school printed collateral or email.  Digital technology, a multi-faceted workforce and – thanks Covid – remote working, have all pushed video to the forefront of employee communications. Video is a no-brainer for brand marketers: an effective tool for telling stories and engaging buyers.  But it can also

5 simple steps to creating one-to-one video in email

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Video email – can you create one-to-one vids in email? Personalisation is one of the biggest buzzwords in sales and marketing but until recently has been a pretty challenging workaround for emails.  VIdeo was too big to attach, many email servers couldn’t cope with file sizes and you never knew whether they reached the intended