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Making a video is far more than just pressing record so if you’re after some awesome video production tips then you’re in the right spot.

The filming element of the entire production only runs to plan if there has been time, effort and consideration put in at the pre-production phase.  And filming is further enhanced with post production and project management. And of course a video will only be successful if it fits within a video strategy and serves the marketing goals of an organisation.

In short, it’s a nuanced and intricate puzzle that only works if all the pieces are put together in the correct order.

Within these pages are a bunch of articles and learnings designed to help make your puzzle easier to fit together.

It includes articles on specific types of videos and how to create them, tips on production processes and systems and ways to make your productions more efficient and successful.

And if you like what you’ve read or can’t find the the video production tips, feel free to contact us  

How one video shoot can generate 10 videos to help you better engage with your customers

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Spending money on video can be a worthwhile investment for your business. One of the most popular types of video we make for clients are Brand Videos.  At a starting cost of around the $2,500 mark, it’s a considerable investment for most businesses. Yet with a bit of extra planning and clever scheduling on the