Using video in your content marketing really is a no brainer.

But starting your video production is often hard to get going, particularly without a strategy that aligns it with your marketing.  And it’s even more of a challenge if you’ve got negative thoughts ruminating inside your brain that are stopping you considering the video production opportunities.

So let’s help get them shot down and bust some myths.  . NOW!

It’s just for big business right?

Wrong!  If you think that video is just for big business, then get a grip. In the bad old days of big screen advertising, sure only the wealthiest of brands could afford commercials.  But thanks to technology and digital world the barriers to publishing video are long gone.

It’s not your company size that limits your video creation but your intention and desire.  All you need to do is start.

It’s too expensive

In truth, all it takes is a smart phone or a webcam and an internet connection and that’s your video unit sorted.  Even if you want to up the quality and quantity of your video production, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

While you can spend a little or a lot in making video, there’s no sweet spot when it comes to the cost of your perfect video it’s all down to what works for your business. But what everyone can agree on – and the stats speak for themselves – video is the most effective marketing tool to drive revenue.

Be realistic about your what you can afford and look at clever ways to get the most out of your budget. Creating content internally is an affordable option, outsource for specialist skills and high end tech or try for a half-half approach where you shoot content internally and outsource the editing.

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I haven’t got time or resources 

You’re time poor, we get it. But incorporating video in your content marketing can ultimately make your business more productive.

A single piece of video can be repurposed in multiple pieces of content for web, social, blog, editorial, for live events, for internal comms, for HR and recruitment, for customer service and sales support.

Bring in the resources and allocate time. Empower or train your staff, hire an in-house videographer or outsource production.

Edit time is the biggest suck, so if you’re going to outsource yo save time, do that first.

Creativity’s not our thing

You may not feel creative, but you do know your brand and your customers better than anyone and that’s invaluable; it helps set the tone, messaging and purpose of your video. And I bet you’ve got plenty of ideas tucked up in there.

Get on line and find videos that you like . You Tube is a great resource portal and it’s always to get a clearer idea on costs if you know exactly what you want your video to be like.  Check out what your competitors are doing well and badly.  Brainstorm with your team and be open to anything; the best ideas often come this way.


Video can be scary and overwhelming and it’s often easiest to put it on the to-do list and tackle something else instead.

But it works.

Video explodes reach and visibility online.

Your first video is likely the hardest, but give it a go and you’ll find your customers like it and like you more.  And whether you’re making video in–house or briefing an external creator, get involved in the video creation process to ensure that the video is on brand and you’re getting the biggest bang for your company bucks.

Best of luck and contact us if you have any video production questions.  We love to share what we know.


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