Spending money on video can be a worthwhile investment for your business.

One of the most popular types of video we make for clients are Brand Videos.  At a starting cost of around the $2,500 mark, it’s a considerable investment for most businesses.

Yet with a bit of extra planning and clever scheduling on the shoot day, it’s possible to make your money go a lot further and create far more than just ONE video.

By capturing additional vision it’s possible to create a raft of other marketing videos to promote your business. And whether these get edited at the same time as your Brand Video or squirrelled away until you can find the costs to cover this, it’s a process that will undoubtedly save you coughing up more dough to shoot more footage at a later date.

So to help give you better bang for your buck, here are some ideas for additional video content you might want to gather on the day:

Case study or testimonials

If your brand video includes one of your customers, why not use the interview to create an entire testimonial to validate your offering?  Social proof is a powerful tool and far more believable in a video than in written form.

Or better still create a more detailed case study video where said customers details the problems they were facing and how your key products helped solve their issues.

Share them on your website and Linked in, as well as edit into shorter excerpts to be shared on other social platforms.

Product video

Take time to capture footage of some of your products or film a brief demo or walk-through.  Show off any amazing features or nifty innovation that sets it apart.

Edit these into short videos to be used for product pages on your website or share via socials for promotions, sales and key dates across the year.

Customer service video

Choose someone to deliver pre-prepared answers to your FAQs. Or use text instead of narrative.

Sit these videos on your website or send them via emails and use them as valuable resource for your customer service or sales team.

Laughs and outtakes

There’s no such thing as a film shoot or an interview that goes to plan.

Rather than confining these elements “to the cutting floor”,  edit these mistakes with a comedy music track into short punchy videos that show the human side of your business.

Audiences love short, snackable content. With this format, you can create entertaining videos that make your audience laugh or get inspired.

People power

Showcase the personality and character of your business and plan a video that combines as many of your staff as possible.

Get footage during the day of individual staff or departments demonstrating or repeating a single action or question and edit them into a video that gives everyone a brief starring role.

For comedy value, make it more light hearted – a dance move, secret skill, silly face or white board scribble.

Make filming as efficient as possible by letting staff know in advance what you will need from them in terms of preparation, costumes or props.

It may take a bit of organisation but you may find yourself in possession of a suite of company culture videos. Share them with customers and potential staff across many platforms to give a sneak peek into your business.

Educational content

No one knows your industry – and your business – like you and your team.

Look to record a series of short but info-packed content that showcases your expertise or products. Create whiteboard videos or webinars as valuable educational content.

Whether your business sells software, services or soap, educational videos are a great way to start building a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

Thank you videos

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, record a ‘Thank You’ video for higher customer retention.

Whether it’s your operations teams personally packing a parcel or your Executive Team delivering different lines from one message, record a generic message that can be shared with all customers. Or consider recording a personal video message to send to each customer.

Regardless of who it’s for or what you do, thanking customers is a great way to make them feel special and strengthen the chance of future business from them.


When you think how many emails that get sent from your organisation every day, it’s likely to be a far greater number than you realised. Imagine the impact of including a video in every email that left your server?

Film content or yourself – or key staff – to be used as an email video footer. It could be a short introduction of yourself holding your favourite coffee mug, a video resume or a detailed visual rundown of your favourite hobbies, family and pets.

Filming content to create a punchy 15” / 20” email video will add character and personality and set you apart from other organisations.

Brand snippets for social

For many of our clients, creating a “cut down” of the main brand video for social is a no brainer. Choose the most visual and impactful elements, add text and a call to action, and you’ve got yourselves a social video.

But successful storytelling on social platforms benefits from a different approach. Not only do you have a far shorter time to make an impact in a noisy news feed, the frame sizes, audience and style varies across all platforms.

Thinking of this before you get your footage into the edit will ensure your social campaign makes a mightier mark.

Behind the scenes

Humans are fascinated by the “real” side of video production and marketing, so don’t be afraid to share the behind-the-scenes process with your audience.

Whether this means engaging a video crew, assigning one of your team and a smart phone to document it or simply sharing the process via Instagram or Facebook stories, don’t waste the opportunity to involve your audience in the shoot.


We love talking all things video and would love to help you get better bang for your buck with a video strategy session.  Please give Amy a call on 0404 839 393 or contact us via the interweb.


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