Company Profile Video

Video can also be an effective way to introduce people to your business and your people. 

Whether it’s sharing interviews with key staff or a tongue-in check mockumentary about your industry, a brand video should make an impression.  By all means mention product or service, but ideally it should promote an emotional reaction, giving your audience a feely good reason to want to do business with you or at the very least find out more.

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Customer testimonials

Word of mouth – social proof – is marketing gold.  Doing it on video is far more powerful – and believable – than a piece of text or Google review.  

From user-generated videos to on-the-fly records with your favourite customer, nothing says “your business rocks” than a good shout out from someone who has used your services or products and rates you!  

You can even go really low fi and read a few to camera and tell the audience how it makes you feel for an alternative feel-good version to show you’re a human being!


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Educational Content

From a quick demo of a new product, to a deep dive into your area of expertise, a how-to video explaining how to safely wire a fuse move or a staff member explaining how to install a product, help content is another video must-do.   You can even commission a whiteboard explainer video for topics that are hard to show in real life.

Videos that explain stuff can not only reach a new audience who didn’t know about you (particularly if shared on socials or You Tube) but also save your business time by answering commonly asked FAQ questions.  

Quite simply educational videos demystify your business and break down barriers to purchase.  And for audiences new to your business, useful information will put you front of mind when they’re ready to buy your goods or services.

Plus once done, videos are “evergreen” for years to come, making them a cost effective communication and productivity tool.

Social Media Video

Content for social media has a short shelf life and audiences often favour low fi and authentic over slick and expensive.  Pick up  your smartphone, pair it with a tripod and mic to create fast and effective DIY video for social stories and feeds. 

Humamise your brand with quick “to camera” videos, give a tour of your premises or a sneak peak into a process or event.

Or better still don’t even pick up a camera at all.  Use stock footage and video making apps to create short punchy social media videos that stands out in a busy news feed. Lear more about it HERE

Company Culture

Use your employees or staff to show off the remarkable things you do as a business.  Demonstrating your care for your team and their love for the environment you create, delivers ‘feels’ in spades.

Making your business relatable and personable builds deeper connection with an audience and enables them to deep dive into what makes you tick as a business and learn about what you stand for.

From professionally-produced “Our Culture” videos for your website to low fi behind-the- or staff meet and greets for your social,  videos like these help put a face to your brand and lend personality and authenticity to your public-facing content.



What your business does in public and where you go can have an important role in relationship building with customers.

Capture the buzz of a sales launch, a networking event or your part in a large scale conference through video.  Use footage to promote the same event in 6 months or use it was a way to thank key staff or customers.

Low fi or professionally slick, leverage events for marketing by creating video that lasts.