Where you should be publishing your videos (and why it’s not a one-size fits all solution)

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70% of social media users would rather watch a video than look at a picture or read a paragraph of writing. Facebook have admitted that by 2021 85% of their content in feeds will be video. And who hasn’t shared a dam n fine video with their social friends?

Get with the programme people and start publishing you some video. But don’t just make one video and expect it to work across Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Insta and You Tube. Social video is not a one-size fits all solution..

Sure there is similarity in audiences and messaging across platforms, but the most successful video marketers have a big idea campaign and create custom content for every channel to engage with different personas across different stages of their journey with their brand.

So here’s our recommendations for the best approach for each platform when it comes to video:


We’re bored of the hard sell aren’t we? If you are so are your audience, so give them a reason to stop scrolling and watch; that “value” can be a laugh, an insight or a freebie and remember:

  • Post natively in FB. DO NOT paste a link to a You Tube video, FB hate it & your video will fall off the feed;

  • Be short and punchy with content

  • 85% of users watch with sound off – so use captions and creative text;

  • Facebook algorithm favours video posts that are part of on going series.

  • Tell audience what you want them to do;

  • Test and revise;

  • Build targeted lists and remarket;

  • Live still works well and can be re-purposed for later;

  • Talking to a young audience here is a waste of time: think parents and empty nesters;

  • Under 30 seconds is best;

  • Use a link on the final frame to direct traffic to your web site and create specific landing pages for your website to track leads;

  • Titles, tags and descriptions are not (yet) searchable discoverable on Facebook but talk is they will be soon. Get into the habit now;

  • Directly asking for share or comments will mean your video falls off the feed;

  • Algorithm says no. Avoid blacklisted words such as free, join, comment tag etc. It is basically content that FB sees as blatantly promotional stuff that they would rather you pay for

  • Conversely there are also positive trigger words and events – birthdays, marriages and big news, anniversaries etc, that it views as worthy of reaching more viewers;

  • Embed a video as your cover image on Facebook – if nothing else it will be another reason to appear in a news feed.


LinkedIn is a great opportunity for businesses who sell to other businesses to use video to reach an audience of 500 million engaged and motivated users.

LinkedIn members spend almost 3x more time watching video ads compared to time spent with static posts. Plus video works here as it is still a relatively low uptake so the opportunity to be seen and stand out is huge;

  • Upload direct for new feed prominence;

  • Build your brand story and share successes or quietly talk about your ethical and CSR story;

  • Video in groups works well;

  • Linked In is about relationships, so use video to pique the interest of your connections and deepen engagement with customers;

  • Use corporate video or customer testimonials;

  • Offer an insider look at an industry event you’re attending or showing off a new product your start-up just launched;

  • Use paid for increased reach;

  • The platform has sophisticated insight and tracking tools;

  • You can even target an audience for sponsored content by traits like job title, seniority, company name, industry, skills and Company Page video;

  • Longer videos than on Facebook but no more than 2 minutes max ideally shorter.


No longer the sole domain of millennial You Tubers doing silly things, You Tube is a must0do for businesses wanting to use video to promote themselves. As the second largest search engine to Google the reach is huge.

  • Audience are actively seeking information, so match what they want & use keyword search if possible;

  • This is not a sales platform but a value offering;

  • Go viral for big numbers but have a plan;

  • Create a YT channel & create bespoke long form content that helps or answers questions;

  • A channel trailer should explain why people should subscribe in a clear yet engaging way;

  • Create creative thumbnails with faces and text for maximum attention;

  • You Tube looks for keywords in title, description & tags so make them SEO friendly;

  • Own your niche and offer value;

  • Embed video elsewhere for SEO & discoverability;

  • Ongoing series builds subscriptions and subscriptions give you enhanced features and linking opportunities;

  • A broad age range of audiences who are prepared to watch longer video if there is something to be gained.


The home of younger audiences leaving fuddy duddy Facebook behind this is a highly visual and engaged platform. Successful businesses using video here create fun campaigns around stories and curated content.

  • Short, punchy & emotional;

  • Put your brand name up front;

  • Colorful, animated video is a great way to grab attention / short, how-to videos), to draw attention to your product / service or offering

  • Consider the relevancy of your hashtags to what followers have watched before;

  • Monitor and research accounts and hashtags a searcher searches often;

  • Use non traditional storytelling;

  • Instagram videos are limited to just 60 seconds (and stories just 15 seconds) , so focus on creating succinct, eye-catching and meaningful (yet focused) content;

  • Remember web links in bio.


Videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos, so if your brand is active on Twitter, you can’t afford to ignore video content

  • Purchase intent increases by 9% when you include your brand’s logo in Twitter videos, so be sure to feature yours.

  • LIVE – Videos focused on a live event increase favorability of a brand by a whopping 63%, so tap into this by using live, real-time video with Periscope. You could showcase the launch of a new product or give insights into an event you’re hosting; whatever even you’re capturing, having a live video feed builds excitement and inspires engagement.

  • Twitter content has a very short life span so concentrate on re-purposing existing content or create quick off-the-cuff videos using photos and video clips you already have (or free stock images l)

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